Comedy101 Radio Playlist for 5.16.02
Graduates, welcome to the real world
  1. The Scotsman- Mike Cross
  2. Muffin man- Frank Zappa
  3. Trying to conceive- Margaret Smith (s-up)
  4. Freaker's ball- Shel Silverstein
  5. Catch phrases- Ian Shoales
  6. Men and women- Ritch Shydner (s-up)
  7. Vatican rag- Fred Wedlock
  8. The dreadful story about Harriet and the matches- The Tiger Lillies
  9. One eye- Kevin Meaney (s-up)
  10. It's only a song- Stevens and Grdnic
  11. The unofficial but really accurate anthem of a small hick college located somewhere in northern New Hampshire- Nostalgic Distortion
  12. Being honest- Dom Irerra (s-up)
  13. Ugga ugga boo- Crazy Joe and the Variable Speed Band
  14. Medieval people- Mark Silverman
  15. Bleach blondes- R. Bruce
  16. Koolaid- Clinton Jackson (s-up)
  17. Richard the third- Ivor Biggun
  18. Work- Jeff Foxworthy (s-up)
  19. They're coming to take me away, ha-haa- Jeff Naumann and Pigs on Corn
  20. They're coming to take me again, ha-haaa!- Napolean 14th
  21. Driving- Glen Foster (s-up)
  22. What's it like to be you?- Barnes and Barnes (Danger Will Robinson!)
  23. Saturday night gun mart- Proctor and Bergman
  24. Grab and move- John Pinette (s-up)
  25. Who's on first?- The Credibility Gap
  26. Did you see that thing?- The Vestibules
  27. Cat in heat- Dana Gould (s-up)
  28. It's only a wee-wee- Peter Alsop (A very talented man)
  29. Man bash- The Royal Canadian Air Farce
  30. Stupid people- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  31. Birds and bees- Rowan and Martin
  32. Dick and Jane- Pinkard and Bowden
  33. Everybody's free to get sunburned- Cledus T. Judd

    prepare to have the life sucked out of you
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