Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 6.13.13
The show is certainly picking up some momentum for the Summer ahead!
  1. Beep Beep- The Playmates
  2. The Elevator- Bob Prescott and Cy Harrice
  3. Dammit, I'm Eating Pretzels- Mike Birbiglia (s-up)
  4. My Virtual Girlfriend- Larry Weaver
  5. Buying a Bed- Monty Python
  6. The Wedding- Emo Philips (s-up)
  7. Love Talk Radio: Big, You Know- Travesty Ltd.
  8. Pencil Neck Geek- Freddie Blassie
  9. Married to Tech Support- Maz Jobrani (s-up)
  10. The Geeks Revenge- Don Noone
  11. Blinded By the Light- The Vacant Lot
  12. Cartoons- Tim Slagle (s-up)
  13. Abdul Abulbul Amir- Hank Thompson
  14. The Tooth Fairy: Newton Snookers Dental Assistant- Dick Orkin
  15. Discman- Gary Gulman (s-up)
  16. The Reincarnation Song- Roy Zimmerman
  17. This is Your Brain- Harry Shearer
  18. The Wizard/Auntie Em- Tim Wilson (s-up)
  19. The Aggressive- MC Mr. Napkins
  20. MacGregor's Kilts- The Dead Alewives
  21. Babies- Paul Nardizzi (s-up)
  22. Sex Sex Sex Sex Sex- Neal Gladstone
  23. Critics- The Muppets
  24. Diary- Dan Gabriel (s-up)
  25. Roast Chicken Faces- The Toons
  26. Braindusters- Proctor and Bergman
  27. Animals and Corn- Harland Williams (s-up)
  28. Making Cookies- Rick Segall
  29. You People are Fat- The Frantics
  30. The No Carb Diet- John Pinette (s-up)
  31. The Horrible Movie Song- The Four Postmen
  32. Monolithic Oil- The National Lampoon
  33. Wasted- Mike Baldwin (s-up)
  34. Hick Hop- The Asylum Street Spankers
  35. Special Victims: Ice T- John Mulaney (s-up)

    Huzzah to Percy French!
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