Comedy101 Playlist for 6.19.03
A meager but heartfelt offering to the gods of comedy
  1. Three little fishies (itty bitty poo)- The Three Stooges
  2. I taut I taw a puddy tat- Mel Blanc
  3. Kids games- Costaki Economopoulos (s-up)
  4. Nails- The Look People
  5. Deep deep trouble- The Simpsons
  6. Health- Dan Chopin (s-up)
  7. Hamster in your hair- Tony Mason and None of the Above
  8. I love onions- Susan Christie
  9. I live in a split level head- Napolean 14th
  10. Cats- Steve Martin (s-up)
  11. Pencil neck geek- Fred Blassie (RIP Freddie)
  12. Abdul Abulbul Amir- Hank Thompson
  13. Big Summer tan- Kevin Meaney (s-up)
  14. Welcome to the internet help desk- Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie
  15. Greenhouse effect- Dr. Elmo
  16. Book Club- George Carlin (s-up...kinda)
  17. A little bitty gun- Tom Paxton (Whatever happened to guys like this? Should be more like him)
  18. Life- Rodney Dangerfield (s-up)
  19. Home surgery- Coupla Fat Guys Band
  20. Joe Brackne- Stevens and Grdnic
  21. Lady of the house- Power Salad
  22. Very short books- Tom Tuerff
  23. Fast food- Chip Chinery (s-up)
  24. Geeks revenge- (From the Freddie Blassie picture disc, "I bite the songs")
  25. Presidential secrets- Dana Gould (s-up)
  26. Carol- Tom Cool (A very catchy tune)
  27. Stupid guy- John Mammoser
  28. Radiation rock- Flametrick Subs
  29. Frog and Peach- Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
  30. Nature- Craig Campbell (s-up)
  31. Dentist- Little Shop of Horrors (soundtrack)
  32. Natural Causes Chicken- Red Peters
  33. Termites- Ziltch Fletcher
  34. The Rodeo Song- Showdown (Highly Bippity)
  35. Inquiring minds- Dennis Miller (s-up)
  36. Everybody loves a nut- Johnny Cash
  37. Rats in my room- Herman and the Exterminators
  38. Bitchy woman- Diana Jordan
  39. My name is Kip- Kip Addotta (s-up)

    I wish that I were this funny
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