Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 6.23.16
Crazy and the Dead this week!
  1. Cream Corn Man- Chuck Lucky
  2. Learn How to Drive- Barry and the Bookbinders
  3. Karaoke- Vince Valenzuela (s-up)
  4. Having Fun is Bad For You- The Arrogant Worms
  5. Mrs. Sarnicky's Toilet Paper- The Frantics
  6. Alien Abduction- Dana Gould (s-up)
  7. Earl the Squirrel- Kenny Young and the Eggplants
  8. We Love Food- Josh Sneed (s-up)
  9. The Horrible Movie Song- The Four Postmen
  10. Al's Suspicious Cars- Law and Order Comedy
  11. Voices- Kyle Kinane (FB thanks to Rienzie!)
  12. Bananas Man- DJ Hazard
  13. Crapco Home Psychiatrist- American Comedy Network
  14. No Pants- Pete Lee (s-up)
  15. Shallow End of the Gene Pool- Austin Lounge Lizards
  16. Tasteless Garbage- Congress of Wonders
  17. Summertime Joy- John Heffron (s-up)
  18. Crazy- Tracy and the Hindenburg Ground Crew
  19. Incompetent Typesetter- Royal Canadian Air Farce
  20. Surgery and Video Games- John Roy (s-up)
  21. The Galaxy Song- Bolivian Sunshine Dogs
  22. Gimme a Smoke- Bob and Doug McKenzie
  23. Drinking Games- Mike Baldwin (s-up)
  24. Dachshunds Song- Mrs Ackroyd Band
  25. Crime and the Carpet Cleaner- Tom Mabe (FB thanks to Zambe!)
  26. Rich and Poor- Nick Griffin (s-up)
  27. The Rattlin' Bog- Darby O'Gill
  28. Davie the Talkative Cat- Tim Biancalana
  29. Monopoly- Christian Finnegan (s-up)
  30. The Aggressive Bee- MC Mr. Napkins
  31. Braindusters- Proctor and Bergman
  32. Dead- Dan Cummins (s-up)
  33. Too Many Ways Too Die- The Fools
  34. Things We Say When People Die- George Carlin (s-up)

    Next Week, the Independence Day show!
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