Comedy 101 play list for 7.27.00
  1. If Pigs Had Wings- Heywood Banks
  2. Fish Fight Song- Da Yoopers
  3. Grandma at the wheel- Reverend Billy C. Wirtz
  4. Traffic Jam- Craig Shoemaker (S-up)
  5. Cannabilism- Monty Python
  6. Oprahs Stench- Travesty Limited
  7. Prison Vision- Royal Canadian Air Farce
  8. The Thing- Phil Harris
  9. Macho Robot- Android Sisters
  10. Daddy Dear- Spike Jones
  11. ...In the Tabloids- Bob Rivers
  12. Bridge Jumper- Emo Philips (S-up)
  13. Canyonero- Simpsons
  14. Ruby the Intergalactic Gumshoe, tracks 14-21 (end of series)
  15. Henny Youngman Rap- Henny Youngman
  16. Who's on First- Credibility Gap
  17. White Spots- Jesse Goldberg
  18. Clueless- Darryl Rhoades
  19. Rabbit Valley (deluxe version)- Four Postmen
  20. ...Show it at the Beach- Shel Silverstein
  21. Entering Marion- John Forster
  22. Commandments/Inquirer- Father Guido Sarduci (S-up)
  23. Horse Song- Todd Yohn
  24. ...Halibut on the Poopdeck- Yorgi Yorgessen
  25. Made Milwaukee Famous- Vic Scionti
  26. Foolish Questions- Woods Tea Co.
  27. Singing the Wrong Words- Gary Muledeer (S-up)
  28. Saga Begins- Weird Al Yankovic
  29. Spick up- Hugh Brown Shu
  30. Elderly Man River- Stan Freberg
  31. The Sun is...- They Might Be Giants
  32. Father Fished- Free Beer
  33. Framed- Cheech and Chong
  34. Gas Problem- John Pinette (S-up)
  35. King Caractacus- Rolph Harris
  36. Driving- Henry Phillips
  37. Cicada Serenade- The Pheremones
  38. Disney World- Bobby Collins (S-up)
  39. I want to look like Arnold- Arrogant Worms
  40. Iriquois Indians- Ellen Degeneres (S-up)
  41. No Anchovies Please- J. Geils Band
  42. Dwayne Stomp PSA- Travesty Limited
  43. Gotta Potty- Bobby Jimmy and the Critters
  44. Burger Wars- Ducks Breath Mystery Theater
  45. At the Mall- Air Pirates
  46. Truck Drivers Songwriting School- Travesty Limited
  47. Men- Martin Mull
  48. Fat Mans Prayer- Victor Buono
  49. Bad Language- Not the Nine O'clock News
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