Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 7.28.16
Health, Water, Heat and Drinking are this weeks themes
  1. Worms- Eric Feldman
  2. Appleby & Myers: Are You Ugly?- National Lampoon
  3. Greeting Cards- Brian Regan (s-up)
  4. My Favorite Diseases- Mike Agranoff
  5. Hospital Bed- Not the 9:00 News
  6. Nephew- Emo Philips (s-up)
  7. The Agressive Bee- MC Mr. Napkins
  8. Crapco Gene Splicer- American Comedy Network
  9. Cop in the Woods- Juston McKinney (s-up)
  10. The Old Me- Mike Phirman
  11. The Janitor- Celestial Navigations
  12. Uncle Tony- Adam Ferrara (s-up)
  13. A Clean Song- Oscar Brand
  14. Lifeboat- Monty Python
  15. The Milkman- Gary Gulman (s-up)
  16. Generic Blues- Weird Al Yankovic
  17. High School Madness- Firesign Theatre
  18. Housewives- Tracey MacDonald (s-up)
  19. The Back-up Singers- Sean Morey
  20. The Porch Sitters- Brooks and Fraser
  21. Laughing Wife- Craig Shoemaker (s-up)
  22. Country Cliche- Neal Gladstone
  23. Two Cops- Travesty Ltd.
  24. My Wife- Mike Armstrong (s-up)
  25. Hot Rod Lincoln- Commander Cody
  26. Take Stuff From Work- King Missile
  27. Red Bull Decaf- Nick Thune (s-up)
  28. Reincarnation Song- Roy Zimmerman
  29. Fluffy- Space Ghost
  30. Eating Right- Steve Macone (s-up)
  31. He Just Said it Because He's Drunk- Big Daddy Graham
  32. Spud- The Not Ready for Prime Time Players
  33. Drinking- Nick Griffin (s-up)

    and maybe a Fluffy or two
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