Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 7.29.10
Talking about classics tonight
  1. One Piece at a Time- Johnny Cash
  2. Walter- Paul Gilmartin
  3. Notre Dame- Father Guido Sarduci (s-up)
  4. Everybody's Free To Get Sunburned- Cledus T. Judd
  5. I Love Fat Women- Williams and Ree
  6. Bears and Sharks- Craig Campbell (s-up)
  7. Take Stuff From Work- King Missile
  8. Highway Cafe of the Damned- The Austin Lounge Lizards
  9. UFOs- Kathleen Madigan (s-up)
  10. Cliche Heaven- Ken Nordine
  11. Going Away- Danny C. and The Milky Mans
  12. Construction Site- Emo Philips (s-up)
  13. Last Will and Temperament- The Frantics
  14. Hick Hop- The Asylum Street Spankers (i'm sorry to hear that they are breaking up)
  15. Moth Balls and Disappointment- Adam Ferrara (s-up)
  16. Lance Learns to Box- The Credibility Gap
  17. Butt For the Grace- The Reverend Billy C. Wirtz
  18. Kinda Brown- Dan Gabriel (s-up)
  19. The Cat Came Back- The Wood's Tea Company
  20. Crunchy Frog- Monty Python
  21. Ice- Greg Proops (s-up)
  22. The Retirement Party- Bob Newhart
  23. Polka Polka- Red Peters
  24. Motion Activated- Jeff Caldwell (s-up)
  25. My Face is Covered With Hummingbirds- Ogden Edsl
  26. The Chainsaw Juggler- The Four Postmen
  27. My Girlfriend's Roomba- Christian Finnegan (s-up)
  28. Dr. Schills Ear Spray- Travesty Limited
  29. The Book Club- George Carlin (s-up)
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