Comedy101 Playlist for 7.3.03
Lots of fireworks, grilling and alcoholic libations this weekend...
  1. Mississippi squirrel revival- Ray Stevens
  2. Blatz and sauerkraut- The Happy Schnapps Combo
  3. Bungee jumping- Jebb Fink (s-up)
  4. Fred and Rover- Tony Hendra (This forty-five sounds better)
  5. Count 'em up Queek- 2NU (A great duo this)
  6. Insights- Henny Youngman (s-up)
  7. Acupuncture Clinic- Cheech and Chong
  8. Garage sales- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  9. Video games- The Toons (Where are they now?)
  10. Trouble Granny- The Perch
  11. Smells- Bill Hicks (s-up)
  12. Wasn't that a party- The Rovers
  13. Declaration of Independence- Stan Freberg (He was so far ahead of his time)
  14. Kill the boy (I don't knooow)- Bill Cosby (s-up)
  15. The midnight ride of Paul Revere- Stan Freberg
  16. Smoking grandma- Rachel Arieff
  17. You can call me stupid- The Smothers Brothers (A great piece)
  18. People I can do without- George Carlin (s-up)
  19. Science party- The Consortium of Genius (A very cool group)
  20. Java Jive- Ian Shoales
  21. Betsy Ross and the Flag- Stan Freberg
  22. Movies- Pablo Francisco (s-up)
  23. Pedro and Man at the beach- Cheech and Chong (It ain't peanut butter and baloney!)
  24. The Discovery of Electricity- Stan Freberg
  25. Safety- Margaret Smith (s-up)
  26. Pete and Bob: Scooby Doo- The Vestibules
  27. Bigfoot stole my wife- The Fools
  28. Comedy- Dom Irrera (s-up)
  29. Washington crosses the Delaware- Stan Freberg
  30. Blind date- Green Jelly
  31. Momisms- Craig Shoemaker (s-up)
  32. Walter- Paul Gilmartin (Hilarious!)
  33. Air conditioning- Todd Barry (s-up) (He's doing voices for Adult Swims!)

    Third degree burns, acid indigestion and massive headaches...gotta love it!
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