Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 9.1.16
A Labor Day show of sorts!
  1. And Now a Word...- Alien Folklife
  2. I'm the Urban Spaceman- Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band
  3. Waking Up For Work- Gary Gulman (s-up)
  4. Happy Boy- The Beat Farmers
  5. Jose the Astronaut- Bill Dana
  6. Job Interview Skills- Dan Naturman (s-up)
  7. The Cat Came Back- Wood's Tea Company
  8. A Bit of a Chat- Peter Cook and Dudley Moore
  9. Delivering Pizzas- Andrew Norelli (s-up)
  10. The Cat Came Back...The Cat's Perspective- Marc Gunn
  11. Moose Turd Pie- Utah Phillips
  12. Bad Engineer- Jeff Caldwell (s-up)
  13. Code Monkey- Jonathan Coulton
  14. You Gonna Eat That Banana?- Coalition of Unified Men
  15. Working at a Bookstore- Tommy Ryman (s-up)
  16. Take Stuff From Work- King Missile
  17. Mission to Mars- Landry and Biener
  18. A Middle Class Hole- Juston McKinney (s-up)
  19. Blue Collar Shuffle- Dave Dingwall
  20. Scratch n' Sniff Visa Card- Trailer Park Troubadours
  21. Housekeeping- Kevin Meaney (s-up)
  22. I Used To Work in Chicago- Oscar Brand
  23. Sign Me Up!- Synaptic Anarchy Playhouse
  24. Greeting Cards- Brian Regan (s-up)
  25. One Piece at a Time- Johnny Cash
  26. Mr Wizard- Stevens and Grdnic
  27. Groups and Charities- George Carlin (s-up)
  28. The Back-up Singers- Sean Morey
  29. Incompetent Typesetter- Royal Canadian Air Farce
  30. Happy Birfday- Greg Giraldo (s-up)
  31. The Accountant Song- Fast and Dirty
  32. Suicide Prevention Hotline- Chevy Chase
  33. Pay For Your Sins- Father Guido Sarduci (s-up)
  34. Screwin' Up at Work- Chuck Lucky
  35. Work Hard, Play Hard- Greg Warren (s-up)

    Have a great weekend!
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