Comedy 101 Radio Playlist for 9.14.17
A little Chub tonight
  1. Red Ants- Heywood Banks
  2. Appleby & Myers: Are You Ugly?- National Lampoon
  3. Performance Review- John Heffron (s-up)
  4. The Night Pat Murphy Died- Darby O'Gill
  5. Phillipa and Denina- Radio Free Vestibule
  6. I Love this Game!- Jeff Caldwell (s-up)
  7. Office Supplies Unite!- The Amoeba People
  8. On the Bayou- Robert Klein
  9. Garage Sales- Steve McGrew (s-up)
  10. Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian- The Pheromones
  11. Uncle Lar's Laff Factory- Travesty Ltd.
  12. Sports Talk- Alonzo Bodden (s-up)
  13. She Grabbed My Coconuts- Barry & the Bookbinders
  14. Critics- The Muppets
  15. Shaving and Adult Diapers- Jake Johannsen (s-up)
  16. Understanding Blues- Dan Hart
  17. "The Bus Story"- The Asylum Street Spankers
  18. Fat Men- Vince Valenzuela (s-up)
  19. I Love Fat Women- Williams and Ree
  20. You People are Fat- The Frantics
  21. Special Forces- Matt Iseman (s-up)
  22. Lets Wake Up the Neighbors- The Whitest Kids U' Know
  23. Happy Noodle vs. Sad Noodle- Logan Whitehurst
  24. 10K Run- Bobby Collins (s-up)
  25. Money- Big Jim Buchanan (Paul Frees)
  26. The Hostage- Kurt Weitzmann
  27. Wasted- Mike Baldwin (s-up)
  28. Trucker- Fast & Dirty
  29. Cryo-Care- Synaptic Anarchy Playhouse
  30. My Dad- Juston McKinney (s-up)
  31. I Live Dangerous- Riley Armstrong
  32. Tree of Knowledge- Ken Nordine
  33. Grama/Stairs- Pete Lee (s-up)
  34. Bras on 45- Ivor Biggun
  35. Viaduct- Marx Brothers
  36. Crosswalk- Robert Hawkins (s-up)
  37. I Don't Think I'm Gonna Like It- Four Bitchin' Babes
  38. The Suicide Guy- George Carlin (s-up)

    Next week...Last Show of the Summer!
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