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Monty Python

Matt Iseman
Matt is a doctor, comedian, television host and all around talent!
A funny guy with a zest for life…what’s not to like?!
Please remove your shoes before entering…

Richard Jeni
One of the funniest comedians that ever lived.
He was one of the best and will be sorely missed.
I really like his material.
This is his site.
R.I.P Richard.

Anthony Jeselnik
Anthony is a unique stand-up comedian, he has a style that reminds me of a combo
of Steven Wright and Daniel Tosh…imagine that, if you will.
He is dark and pulls very few punches. That can be a good thing.
Here’s his site thingy…

Jake Johannsen
This guy is one of the best.
He just released a recording and it’s pretty darned good.
A very funny fellow.
Probably one of the most underrated comics around.
I highly recommend him.

Jim’s Big Ego/Jim Infantino
Jim’s own site, good background and bio material here.
As funny as he can be, in concert especially.
He is also a force to be reckoned with in the serious
side of songwriting.

Tommy Johnagin
This is one funny stand-up comedian.
His material is adult without being profane, a real talent.
He has good insight into relationships and life itself.
I highly recommend him.

Todd Justice
A new, good stand-up comedian is hard to find,
and I am happy to report that this is one of them.
Laid back with great insights into humanity.

Aron Kader
One of the original stand-up comedians from the Axis of Evil Comedy Tour!
Aron’s a very funny man, some of his material is very inspiring.
Not to mention funny as it gets. His Accents bit is superb.
Give him a listen if he comes to your town.

Kasper Hauser
I like this site, Books, Videos, Magazines and More.
Like it says “Comedy for Comedy Fans”.
Go on in.

Andrew Kerr
Andrew is a great singer/musician in the folk tradition.
He sings good stories.
As with a lot of Comedy 101 Radio artists,
not all is meant to be funny but the ones that are
are very entertaining.
Check him out here.

Kyle Kinane
I love this guy!
Kile Kinane is a unique, interesting and twisted stand-up comedian that
I give plenty of air time to. He has a style all his own,
and it’s very enjoyable.
His observational comedy is way out there, he does get you
laughing like no other.

Sam Kinison
The late, great outlaw comic has a good website here.
Isn’t science wonderful?
A one of a kind.

Kevin Kling
This guy has some very funny stories, anecdotes,
monologues, whatever you want to call them.
Lots of insight and knowledge of the human condition.
Often heard on National Public Radio.

Jon Lajoie
This guy has some of the best videos I have ever seen.
Everyday Normal Guy, Pop Song and High as F*** are some of the best on the web. Try out the NSFW material, very interesting stuff.
Highly recommended!

Christine Lavin
There isn’t anyone quite like this woman.
A very talented singer, writer and all around performer.
Equally as good with the humorous as well as the
serious side of life.
I highly recommend her material.
Nice site too.

Pete Lee
Pete’s a great stand-up comedian with an approach that’s all his own!
His observations are interesting but the way his mind works is
something to behold. I like this guy!

Tom Lehrer
This man is incredible at what he does.
As far as comedic songwriting goes there is no one better.
The standard by which all others should be measured by.
Some good info here.

Local Anxiety
A Canadian duo with a great sense of humor.
Whether it be a song or a sketch it’s all good.
I like them.
This be their page.

Stephen Lynch
This guy is Irreverent in a twisted sort of way and that is a GOOD thing.
He has released a CD called “A little bit special” and indeed it is.
I dare say he’s in the same vein as Henry Phillips but a bit sicker!
THAT is a VERY good thing.

Tom Mabe
What do you get when you combine a hatred for telemarketers
and a sick sense of humor? Tom Mabe.
His “Revenge on the telemarketers” Cd is a lot funnier than I
thought it would be, some great stuff there.
Learn more about him at his site.

Antsy McClain
Oooooh, what a find! I am really impressed with this man
and all his wonderful skills. He’s a great musician and singer,
but what really sets himself apart from the rest is his
superb sense of humor…top notch in every way! I’ve been
playing the heck out of him on the show. My pick for the year’s
favorite talent is Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours!
Check out the song “We’re All Gonna Die”…outstanding!

Kathleen Madigan
The OFFICIAL site of a VERY funny lady.
One of the best.

John Mammoser
This guy is packing some killer parodies as well as a lot of original comedy songs
and very funny fake commercials. Known for “Nine Coronas”,
“My Girlfriend is Inflatable” and other hilarious Comedy 101 staples.
Check out the MP3 comedy links on his site.
If you’re buying it’s a darned good deal.

The Marx brothers
A comedy group for the ages.
These guys started it all as far as I’m concerned, WAY ahead of their time.
Learn from the masters.

Shane Mauss
I really like this guy.
A good stand-up comedian that had me laughing out loud with his
observational humor.
A very funny fellow indeed.

Lester McFwap
Tom Konkle and David Beeler from the Lester McFwap comedy group.
This is a current site in which to find out more about
the guys and the group.

Steve McGrew
A really funny comic that I’ve been playing on C-101R.
He has wit, character and the talent to go with it.

Juston McKinney
Juston is a great comedian.
I love his material, very insightful with the right touch of sarcasm.
And he’s from New England.
I highly recommend him.

MC Mr. Napkins
MC Mr. Napkins is currently using his real name in his career,
Zach Sherwin, no more Mr. Napkins from this point on.
The talent is still there though, and I will continue to play and
spotlight his material here and on the show.
This is his new web site, I hope he keeps doing what he is great at,
I will certainly support him. Good stuff this!

Michael Jr.
Michael Jr. is a stupendous stand-up comedian! There, I said it.
I am very impressed with his skills, and he has many.
He never fails to make me laugh. A very polished performer indeed.
Highly recommended!

Monty Python
The official home page.
You know them, you love them, admit it and move on!
THE greatest Comedy Troupe that ever lived.
Need I say more?

Monty Python Fan Site
This is a great tribute site with some nice sound files from their various
ventures that you can download.
And lots more.

Sean Morey
An infectious comedy star with a knack for musical mayhem,
and not too shabby with his stand-up either.
Lots of neat stuff here.

John Mulaney
This guy is a pretty cool stand-up comedian.
Low key, funny and insightful.
What more could you ask for in a comic?

Paul Nardizzi
This Boston based stand-up comedian is a hoot!
I love to play a couple of his pieces on the show, some
are outright classics! He hates changing diapers… 🙂

Dan Naturman
Dan is a good stand-up comedian,a funny man
with a gift for audience interaction.
This be his site.

J Chris Newberg
This man has some great songs out and the twisted videos that
go with it! I like to play him on the show, great visuals and
his sense of humor is dark and quite entertaining.

Bob Newhart
A really great site on a very talented comedian!
Lots of info on Mister “Deadpan” himself.
He was always one of my personal favorites.

Mojo Nixon
Performer of “Elvis is Everywhere”,
“Chicken Drop”, “Don Henley Must Die”
and many other great pieces.
This man is a very entertaining,
exuberant and in-your-face artist like no other.
I like him a lot, even if MTV doesn’t.

Alex Nussbaum
Alex is a talented stand-up comedian.
He’s laid back and pretty darned funny.
I play him on the show.
This is his website.

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