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Adult Swim
This is the home of Space Ghost, Brak, the Oblongs and many more
really crazy cartoon characters.
I’m a big fan of this type of humor.
Not too shabby for television.

Bob, the Angry Flower Comics
This is a pretty good little comic strip with all the fixin’s.
Nice production values and peripheral stuff.

The Arrow of Time
A married couple in Argentina have taken photos of themselves every year, on June 17th,
since the year they got married, in 1976.
Admittedly NOT a humorous site but I find this very fascinating.

This is the current web site for Thomas Kuntz. Where do I begin?
He is not a comedian but he has created some darkly humorous works of incredible art.
Automata is what he does better than anyone I have ever seen.

Finally, a PC based Atlas.
It seems to be pretty current.
This falls into the category of interesting.

This is the site for Bizarro, the twisted comic strip from Dan Piraro.
For a one panel cartoon it is VERY funny! I highly recommend it.

Are you bored? Lots of time on your hands?
Here be the place to waste it.

Carrot Top
This guy was my first official interview on Comedy 101, early nineties.
Time is going by too quickly.

A decent site for perusing and purchasing great comedy recordings,
some of which can be heard on the show.
Good jokes too.

The Comic Book Periodic Table
If you are REALLY into comic books this is very interesting site.
Click an element and see what happens.

Cows Revenge
This little bit of animation is from Strangelab.
Cows rock when pushed! But you knew that.

Crazy Images
Some neat graphics to have fun with.

Crap Machine
Yep, it’s just what you think it is! Ewwwwwwww! Go on, you know you want to!

Creepy Gifs
A decent site for animated gifs of ALL types.

Dead Frog
This is a great site for info on any and all of the stand-up comedians on the road today.
Lots of info here, from up and coming to the greats.
Check this out!

Not your typical humor site but I really like this place.
I enjoyed watching the short film called “More”, it’s one of the best that I’ve seen.
The Demotivators calendar is interesting.
I highly recommend this.

The BEST political cartoonist in business today and one of the best cartoon guys PERIOD.
It amazes me how his humor evolves over the years, always good and getting better all the time.
I highly recommend him.

Ebaums World
An interesting site for a lot of reasons. Some great mini-movies, Flash, Cartoons and GAMES here.

88 Constellations
This is really cool and interesting.
It’s central theme is about a man named Ludwig Wittgenstein and his philosophy.
Now connect the dots!

Fake Science
This is a great parody site.
Or, should I say, a great site for those that understand and appreciate science.
I feel the need to say that, the way politicians in this country use
“bad” science to further their agenda, there is a danger that some folks will think this is “real”.
Some very funny poster material here.

Find a grave
I honestly didn’t think that I would like this site, but I was very wrong.
I have spent hours here, and you will too if you get the chance.
I’m a big Twilight Zone,
Alfred Hitchcock Presents, Outer Limits, etc;
fan and this is THE place to go for remembering
the faces that you used to appreciate.
I’ve seen all sorts of people that I’ve forgotten,
and it’s kind of nice to give them another glance.

Funny or Die
This is a nice place to go for hilarious videos.
Great productions and the categories are vast.
I highly recommend this site.

A newspaper (really) with an incredible selection of cartoons, jokes, editorials,
political humor and tons of other hilarious material as well.
I personally subscribe to it and think you should too.
Check out this link to find out more.

A semi-hilarious comedy website.

Homestar Runner
A ton of great things here. Toons, Games and a lot more.
Nice downloads too.

The House
This is The House. Go there. Now. Be careful.
Consider yourself WARNED!

Humor Links.
You want cartoons?
You name it you got it here. Humor links galore too.

Joe Cartoon
Is this site rude? Oh Yeah.
Is this site sick? You bet.
Is this site funny? Yes it is.
Great animation. The faster your connection speed the better.

A pretty decent site for one liners, jokes, quotes and
humor in general.

The K Chronicles
Keith Knight…Cartoonist, Rapper with the Marginal Prophets and an all
around observer of life’s little subplots.
His strips, The K Chronicles and (th)INK are some of my favorites.
I highly recommend this guy!

Kubrick 2001
Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 A Space Odyssey explained.
This is a really neat flash site explaining the famous movie.
I like it.
Because all the good names were taken!
This is a great site for new and classic comedy recordings PLUS
peripheral info and other fun stuff.

Liquid Generation
This is one COOL place! Nice looking, very interesting and quite addictive.
Highly recommended!

The Museum of Hoaxes
This site has some interesting things in it, some funny, some not
but all of a fascinating nature! The virals that we all know and love
are debunked and explained with some outstanding factual info.

Mystical Ball
The mind reading site. A nice little trick, how does it do it?

National Lampoon
Yes, it does seem like the original National Lampoon that we have come to know and love.
I REALLY miss the magazine, especially during its peak years,
seventies and most of the eighties.
It’s doubtful that we’ll ever see THAT again but this reincarnation of sorts
does seem to breath new life into what was once THE humor source for all things
radio, movie, television and magazine.
I have much respect and appreciation for what the Lampoon has been over the years,
the comedic tie-ins alone are worth the time and effort to do the homework on.
Here be the site…

A Flash oriented website with great games, videos, music and other superb stuff.
Some of this is really sick but that can be a good thing.
GREAT animation.

Nimoy Sunset Pie
Well, THIS is interesting.
A thirst for knowledge and a hunger for pie is what I’m left with after
perusing this Spock appreciation site.

Nobody Here
This is a weird excursion, quite the trip.
Follow the links to all sorts of places.
Try it!

This is one of the most infectious, hard to solve and ridiculous riddles on the net.
I hope you have PLENTY of time!

The Onion
A satirical newspaper with a great sense of humor is how I’d describe it.
Chuckle material can be found here.
I highly recommend this place.

A true classic.
The last panels can be seen here.
Goodbye Mr. Schultz, you will be missed.

Pigeon Impossible
I really like the animated short about a newbie spy and a rather special pigeon.
This is the place to get more PI.
Good stuff this.

Redmeat…The Secret Files of Max Cannon
This is a great strip.
It has folks that have their own peculiar quirks (don’t we all?) that are
thoroughly enjoyable and a bit twisted.
I like it.

Rube Goldberg
When I think of the word “contraption” the name Rube Goldberg immediately comes to mind.
I’ve long been fascinated by gizmos that do simple things in a complicated way.
This is the official Rube Goldberg site.

Rube Goldberg Examples
I’m going to spotlight a great example of a Rube Goldberg device here.
This is the band OK GO’s terrific video for their song “This Too Shall Pass”!

Sad and Useless
This is a site that I like to frequent for their wonderfully captioned pictures!
Some laugh out loud material here.

Scary Squirrel
Even more squirrel stuff.
This is a riot, LOTS of great info and humor.

The Serious Comedy Site
This is a very nice site for ALL things comedy. Stand-up, sketch, and musical comedy
as well as television, radio and movie related mirth…it’s all here.
Extensive reviews are a nice touch, overviews on the up and coming and interviews
with the artists themselves make this site a real treat.
I highly recommend this place.

Short and Funny
Short and Funny offers many flavors of jokes, from adult to not so much.
Some funny stuff here!

A great mystery solving site. Point and Click or Interactive, the choice is yours.

It’s about time someone came up with a sports parody site, this is a great one too.

Squirrel Underpants
This is the best source that I’ve seen for this item, and fast shipping too.
A stupid place for stupid things. Sounds stupid doesn’t it?
Well it is, hence the name.
Truth in advertisement.

Super Bad
Your mind can get very lost here. Is that a bad thing?
Lots of great images and diversions that can keep you busy for a long time.
Very interesting.

3 am Magazine

A neat site showcasing the literary side of humor and it’s peripherals.
Some interesting stuff here…recommended for the mature among us,
but people like myself can enjoy it too.

Tom Tomorrow
If political and social humor are your cup of tea THIS is one talented man.
His real name is Dan Perkins and there is nobody better.
A long time favorite of mine.

This is a decent site. Home of “Pearls Before Swine”, “EIEIO”,
and other interactive games PLUS Superb animation and videos.
Not a huge selection but what is there is top notch.
“Pearls Before Swine” will hook you for many reasons.
I highly recommend this place!

Weird Converter
This is cool! If you ever wondered how many kegs of beer can fit into a bathtub,
or planet earths into the sun this is the place to find out.
It’s all about the equivalents.

Whack Your Boss
If your boss REALLY gets on your nerves, this is the site for you!
Very nasty but quite satisfying in a Freudian sort of way.

ZBS Corporation
The creators of “Ruby, the Intergalactic Gumshoe” and
“The Android sisters” are a nonprofit company who specialize in stories similar to that.
A pretty unique outfit.
I like them a lot.
The Android Sisters just released a CD that’s a compilation
of the bits that were part of the “Ruby” series and some stand alone tracks.
A must have.

Zoom Quilt
This is REALLY cool! Using your mouse you can visit/experience/see some very strange things.
Very imaginative, I wish there were more sites like this!

Zoom Quilt #2
Yet another version of the quilt.
I like this one a lot.

TV humor
A few worthy Television (ugh) humor sites

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