The Argument Clinic

This is one of Monty Python’s funniest sketches ever, and that is saying a lot.
Michael Palin at his very best.
John Cleese is on top of his game also.
Just superb!


Ass Pennies

If you haven’t seen this one, drop what you are doing and give it a look.
It’s a classic. A sick, twisted and profane classic, but a classic nonetheless.
The Upright Citizens Brigade at their best.


The Battle of Kookamonga

An oldie but a goody.
This is also known as The Battle of Camp Kookamonga.
Homer and Jethro were old school country and western performers who made a decent
living doing parodies of songs from the day.
Television programs like Hee Haw extended their careers a bit,
and they made the best of it.
This is a good Summertime tune.



This group is superb.
The Asylum Street Spankers are eclectic, talented and very entertaining!
Wammo on beer, I mean vocals. No, actually I was right the first time.


 Blue Collar Shuffle

Dave Dingwall is the man behind this funny video.
I play this track on the show and it deserves the airplay.
Nice beat, great lyrics and very watchable , you can’t ask for more.


Fatal Beatings

This is a very funny sketch with Rowan Atkinson and Angus Deayton.
There is nothing quite like British humor and this is some of the best ever.
Reminds me of something Monty Python might have done.


The Frog and Peach

Peter Cook and Dudley Moore are as good as it gets in the two man comedy sketch arena.
Peter plays a crazed restaurant owner and Dudley is the man interviewing
him on the success, or lack thereof, of the eatery.
Great wordplay and some fine mirth here.


A Gorilla Called Gerald

This is a great sketch by Not the Nine O’clock News.
So very typical of British humor, it is intelligent and funny.
Rowan Atkinson plays Gerald the Gorilla like nobody else could have.
I really like this one!


Last Will and Temperament

The Frantics classic sketch!
This version is a little different then what you hear on the audio recordings
but still just as entertaining.
Boot to the Head!
Gotta love it!


Louis CK and a Child

This is short, sweet and funny.
Louis makes some great sketches.
I actually like them better than his stand-up.
The kid probably doesn’t though.


One Leg Too Few

This is a one of a kind sketch from the brilliant minds of Peter Cook and Dudley Moore.
Peter wrote this when he was eighteen years old and he claimed that it was the
greatest thing that he ever did.
It contains one of the absolute BEST lines in any comedy skit EVER!


The Parrot Sketch

This is probably the most well known of the Python sketches.
The Palin and Cleese combo is a joy to behold.
What I find interesting is that they would change the ending from time to time.
Great stuff this.
The absolute top of the comedic food chain!



Bobby Jimmy and the Critters are old school as far as rap is concerned, but the humor
is timeless.
This piece goes back a bit, the effects are quaint and the approach is clever.
I’m glad it’s still around.


Star Trekkin’

I really like this piece by The Firm.
The video is pretty funny, stop motion animation at it’s most humorous.
If you like the original Star Trek series you will appreciate this.


The Letter

I am a huge fan of British comedy.
Stephen Fry is a giant, both in stature and in comedic genius.
I play this on the show for Halloween. It is superb.


You Ain’t Gettin’ Diddly Squat

A classic holiday tune if there ever was one.
Heywood Banks is a funny man with a gift for humorous songs.
This video pretty much sums up what my childhood was like.
Coal, lots of coal…


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