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Costaki Economopoulos
This is a very funny man. An observational stand-up comedian with
talent to spare.
He’s got some good recordings out and you can find out more about them here.

Mark Eddie
A pretty good live performer.
His skills are steeped in musical comedy,
but he’s not adverse to bouts of decent stand-up in his act.

Lorne Elliott
A very funny man, with wit and personality to match.
I’ve seen him perform and wished there were more like him.
Highly recommended!

Kellen Erskine
I am really impressed with this stand-up comedian,
Kellen Erskine is a very funny man!
He’s laid back with no gimmicks,
his material and his dead pan approach to his craft
are his strong suits. A cerebral comic with talent
to spare.
Highly recommended.

Evil Cripple/Paul Levin
This is a unique site.
Where do I begin?
Paul is an Ivy league educated doctor confined to a wheelchair
because of a skiing accident.
His humor is very twisted and dark.
Check this site out, it’s well worth the time spent.

Wayne Faust and Rusty Lewis
These talented funny guys have set up a Site to showcase their
recordings and the material of other comedy artists.
Some great stuff here.

Ron Ferguson
Ron Ferguson is a stand-up comedian with talent to spare!
I give him air time ’cause he’s funny and makes the listeners laugh.
That’s always a winning combo…

Firesign Theatre
One of the first GREAT comedy troupes.
They deserve a lot of credit for paving the way.
Lots of talent here.
They’re just a quarter mile from the Antelope Freeway.

Fly Amero
A very talented performer, strong in blues, guitar and balladry.
I include this artist for the hilarious Christmas material he has done.
The ballad of “Frank Jones” is classic stuff.

John Forster
This guy is one of the best singer/songwriting artists out there today.
You may know him for the hilarious “Entering Marion” as well as
“Helium” and many other great songs that he’s performed.
A major talent in his field.
I wish there were more like him.

The Four Postmen
A very talented AND supremely twisted band.
If comedy were respected these guys would be making money.
Highly recommended!

Jeff Foxworthy
An official site (that means it’s not as good as an unofficial one).

Pablo Francisco
A very funny fellow with a real gift for impressions.
He has two CDs out now and they are both good.

The Frantics
This is one of the BEST comedy troupes EVER!
Having said that, this is THEIR site!
Do I really need to say anything else?!
Have I used enough exclamation marks?!

Dan Gabriel
Dan is a very funny stand-up comedian that I love to play on the show!
Keen observations on relationships, communicating and life in general.
Quite a humorous fellow…

Yep, THAT Gallagher.
Not many people realize that he put out an album a while
back, but he did and I play it.
It’s really funny, but it’s also a bit flawed.
I say that because almost the entire recording is affected by a
a woman in the audience who laughed through the whole thing.
the kind of laugh that could best be described as a cross between
a donkey and an ambulance.
He has tons of other material and it’s all good.
He had the trunk long before Carrot Top.

The Geezinslaws
The Geezinslaw Brothers in all their splendid glory.
This duo goes back over fifty years and the talent is still there.
I really like “I’m White and I Can’t Get Down”, as well as many others.

Paul Gilmartin
His poems and his stand-up are great.
His “Confession” skit is currently a hot one.
He’s the guy from that famous show…you know,
the one on that channel.
Highly recommended.

Neal Gladstone
Good stuff! Original, humorous songs that rival the best of
what’s out there.
A nice find.

Todd Glass
Todd is a talented comedian with a new CD out called “Vintage Todd Glass and Other Crap”.
It has song, stand-up and parody on it and although the live stand-up portion
was recorded rather poorly it’s still a decent recording.
Visit his site but don’t throw any stones while you’re there.

Steve Goodie
Steve is a really talented individual.
His comedy songs are up right up there with the best of them.
Great production values and sound.
You will not be disappointed in his work.
I love The “Nascar Song”, great stuff.

Dana Gould
Dana Gould is one twisted comic.
As deep, dark and delicious as they come.
A good site here. Very highly recommended.
I wish he’d put out more recordings.

Big Daddy Graham
This guy has been a consistent comedian for many years now,
very funny and quite entertaining.
Mostly musical in nature but the occasional skit is not unheard of,
it’s all good.
I highly recommend him.

Nick Griffin
Nick is a very funny fellow.
I really like his humor, as seen through the eyes of a slightly depressed yet
really insightful comic.
He’s got a CD out called “Bring Out the Monkey” and his piece on drinking is sublime.
You’ll like him.

Andy Gross
Andy is a very talented fellow. Comedian, magician and ventriloquist
…this guy does it all.
Some of his illusions are hysterical, especially the Split, Cut in
Half Man that he does! Highly recommended…

Mark Gross
Mark is one funny guy.

His CD is called “Meet Mark Gross” and it’s a keeper.
I hope to see and hear more of this fine talent.
This is his Facebook site.
Well…what are you waiting for?!

Gary Gulman
Gary is a talented stand-up comedian that has some interesting insights.
I like his views on older technology and fads in general. Good stuff!

Scott Hansen
Scott is a comedian from Minnesota who pokes fun at a wide range of human conditions.
He has a CD out and it’s a nice effort, all in all.

The Happy Schnapps Combo
A Happy little group out of Wisconsin who are quite funny.
Humorous songs galore with just a touch of Bratwurst.

Dan Hart
Dan Hart is a seriously talented man. He was once a psychologist and
gave it all up to be a singer/song writer with a very funny streak.
Humorous songwriting is now his claim to fame. I play his material on
C101R to great reviews, he even released a nice Xmas/holiday recording
that fits really well on the holiday shows.
Check him out here.

Robert Hawkins
Robert is a dark and very funny stand-up comedian with a unique style!
His subject matter is not the usual fare, deals with the twisted part of life.
Good stuff…

The Heebee-Jeebees
The most fun you’ve ever heard (That’s what it says on their web site).
Yet another example of Canadian superiority in comedic endeavors.
Good stuff.

Andy Hendrickson
Andy is a very funny stand-up comedian!
I give him air time, he gives me laughs…a fair trade!
This is his site…

Bill Hicks
A great website dedicated to a man who some people
think was one of the greatest comedians of all time.
I have to agree.
The late, great Bill Hicks was so much more than that though.
I recommend any of his recordings.

Maryellen Hooper
A funny lady who has a pretty good CD out called
“Dignity under duress”.
She pokes fun at all aspects of her life.
I like her.

Hot Air Buffoons
The Hot Air Buffoons are kind of like a barbershop quartet,
all the singing talent but with none of the haircutting stuff.
Lots of eating though, and I do mean LOTS of eating!
An interesting group, this is their site.

Eric Houg
Eric is a recording artist of sorts with a good ‘net comedy show.
He supports the comedy artists and websites out there as we all should.
An enigmatic man who prefers anonymity over fame and fortune,
not unlike my Uncle Jake who jumped bail a while back.
Please go here and make feeble attempts at being funny, he likes that.

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