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Bio Choice #1…

My name is Michael Davidson, DJ name “The Nut Behind the Wheel”. I am the host of
Comedy 101 Radio, a Plymouth,NH  based radio Comedy Show that plays the best Sketch,
Stand-up and Musical humor that exists on the planet.
2011 was the 20th anniversary of the show and, in my humble opinion,
it just keeps getting better.

Bio Choice #2…

My name is not important, I have a DJ moniker because I am trying to stay one step
ahead of the law.
I am the host of Comedy 101 Radio because I MUST have done something wrong in a past life.
I play humorous things on the show so that I can rifle through your couch and chair
cushions for spare change while you are momentarily incapacitated with laughter.
The show has certainly seen better days, if it gets any worse I may have to change to
a Sports Radio (“I think the Dallas Cowboys will go all the way this year and win the
Stanley Cup!”) or Talk Show (“I hate everyone that isn’t ME!”) format.
I live in Plymouth,NH because Vermont will not have me.

4 thoughts on “Bio

  1. Jason Hadley


    How best to reach you to submit content? I have a M-F one-minute comedy spin on celebrity gossip news called The Hollywood Rockin’ Wrap Up™. Would love to know if I can submit for airing.


  2. ron

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    long time listener, first time caller. very grateful for you show. here in St. Louis mo. Listening to a now defunct local show: “The Brain Sandwich” I learned about: “Come, ‘Stains’”. Comedy song I may suggest, I have a mp3 if you’d like. I grew up on Local Saturday Morning Comedy Radio with Jack Carney, a Midwest legend, and your show is very much on that level. I don’t mind the commercials, particularly good show tonight. I spread the word as much as I can. Thanks for your efforts. They are appreciated. Ron

  3. michael Post author


    I hope you are well.
    A great question!
    Live 365 is starting to come back under new management and I was
    thinking of connecting up with them again.
    I’m not sure if you are aware of the changes in streaming that existed,
    that’s what brought Live365 down, they couldn’t afford the new rates
    for payment.
    They hiked the royalty payments to the point where a whole bunch of folks
    stopped streaming altogether.
    Some changes have been made again to let folks breathe a bit, a few are
    coming back.
    I’m hoping to do it soon.
    Please keep in touch, I’ll try to keep you in the loop.
    In the meantime, any requests?
    What type of comedy do you prefer?



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