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Kevin and God

A real hoot by Canada’s own, The Vestibules.
I loves me a great comedy sketch, this ranks right
up there with the best of them.
It’s always fun to picture the Omnipotent One as
being one of us.
Bowling, doing your own dishes, laundry drudgery…
All done by the creator, or are there angels that do it?
That brings up the age old question.
Can god make a kitchen mess so all encompassing that
god cannot clean it up?
One of life’s many mysteries…

New Age Parents

A classic bit from Tommy Ryman.
He has found his shtick, the wimpy son of hippie parents
with a nerdy and cerebral look at the world.
He is a genuinely funny guy, with much to add.
114 pounds of unbridled fury, roaring at ya…

Stairway Shooting Scene

A splendid display of sight gags and over the top memes.
Seriously, this slice of Naked Gun 33 1/3 is in a class by itself.
And to think that this started off as a television series that
was taken off the air after only six episodes by programming
executives that didn’t think it was funny.
Two hit movies were made after the cancel and they did VERY well.
Leslie Nielsen was a huge part of that success.
The pope?
Not so much…