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Big Shot

From their first American release, Gorilla.
The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band with a mind warping
excursion into a Mike Hammer fever dream.
Look it up.
Great word play, love these guys…

Wine Tasting

Andy Hendrickson with a snarky look at wine drinkers.
Especially the whiny, elitist types.
Cabernet snobs.
If they only knew.
The industry still extracts the juice the old fashioned way.
And it’s not for the reasons you might think.
After a long, hot days work of toiling in the fields the vineyard
owners usually allowed the farm hands to soak their tired
sweaty feet, water being somewhat rare they figured they
would kill two birds with one stone.
That is how grape stomping to get wine came about.
I don’t drink wine myself, smells like old sneakers…

Cosmik Debris

I played this Frank Zappa tune on the show recently.
He wasn’t actually “funny” but enough of an eccentric
to warrant some exposure on the show.
He was a complex character, very interesting history
behind him and his legacy.
The price of meat has just gone up, indeed…

Morning Rounds

Mike Nichols and Elaine May with a comedy sketch
that was way ahead of its time.
Most of their work was done in the 1950’s but you’d
never know it but for the occasional pricing or other
“know it by its date” reference.
They dealt with the human condition, something that
has not changed since the beginning of time.
I like the premise here…