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Supper Time

Nick Griffin has the snark, and he’s very
tired of the same ol’ same ol’.
A pretty good stand-up comedian with
great stage presence.
A few profanities, all worthy of inclusion,
partly because it fits the mood, he is a bit
of a pessimist.
As I stated, the snark is strong in this one.
Not a big soup fan…

Bubba Saw a Saucer

Todd Yohn with an upbeat tune about extraterrestrials.
When you factor in all the unwanted probing it’s still a
good time had by all.
It’s always the Bubba’s isn’t it?
You never see this…”I was just leaving a lecture on
theoretical physics by Stephen Hawking when I looked
towards the stars and saw a rather advanced space vehicle
of some kind hovering above the university…”
Maybe space aliens are looking for the crackers because
they feel sorry for them, being not that bright and all.
They could be so advanced that nobody has to actually
learn anything by going to school, and all you need is a
“capsule of knowledge” inserted directly into where the
sun don’t shine.
That would explain the probing, checking for size…

I Can’t Get Behind That

William Shatner with a spoken word piece
that should inspire you.
Or drive you to drink.
I’d put a pencil, note pad, and a bottle of whisky
on the table just in case.
I was thinking of the Star Trek franchise just
the other day and thought I’d find something
humorous and entertaining about it to post.
I’m still looking, until then there’s this…