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Living in a Coffee World

Tim Lovelace with a humorous ditty about
the confusion that can occur when ordering
a cup of that bitter tasting caffeinated beverage
that most people worship in the morning!
I’m a tea man myself, gave up hot bean juice
a few years back.
The first few sips from a fresh brewed cup of
coffee was delightful.
It was the facial tics, heart palpitations and the
Aqua Man handshake that made me swear it off.
I looked like a worked the line at a pesticide plant!
Nothing complicated about ordering tea, unless
you’re talking that nasty herbal stuff…Ugh.
Nice effort this…


This classic novelty parody is from the 1972 National
Lampoon album Radio Dinner!
Written by Tony Hendra, narrated by Norman Rose,
sung by Melissa Manchester, with the music composed
by Christopher Guest.
Based on the 1927 poem, of sorts, by Max Ehrmann.
The original is actually a great little inspirational
that I keep in my bathroom and read every morning
while brushing my chompers.
I do so love a great parody…

Lazy Eye

Tyler Boeh with a humorous set on growing
up with some minor physical issues.
We all had variations of that theme, the
girl next door to me had huge braces on her
teeth, another neighbor had a stutter, and I
had a cousin that did indeed have a lazy eye.
My particular prepubescent malady was a fat head.
Not that you’d notice it if you saw me walking down
the street, I appeared somewhat normal.
I was clueless and didn’t care one iota!
Still don’t.
So there!

Talking Vietnam Potluck Blues

This is a classic piece of 60s/70s era counter
cultural protest with a humorous bent.
Tom Paxton narrating a meeting between friends!
It was a mess, it did not end well, hilarity ensued.
I sense a bit of deja vu in the air.
Rinse, lather, repeat…unfortunately.

Gimme a Smoke

Bob and Doug McKenzie, Rick Moranis and Dave
Thomas, with a slice off of their first recording,
Great White North!
They’ve come a long way since their SCTV days.
Always entertaining, Hosers forever…