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One Eye Love

Heywood Banks with an ode to those that we adore!
Depth perception?…Nuggets!
We’ll have to work on that.
Until then keep her away from the cutlery…


Kathleen Madigan with a funny piece on calculations!
One of the great things about her is her ability for
self deprecation, when you can laugh at yourself it
paves the way for others to join in.
One of the very best ever, I place her in the top ten
of all time greatest stand-up comedians.
I love to play her on the show, she always makes the
listeners laugh…

Lawn Dart

Ed’s Redeeming Qualities with a Summer tune for the ages!
When I was a kid Lawn Darts were all the rage, it was
basically horseshoes without digging up the yard.
Until the product was pulled from the shelves due to
someone embracing Charles Darwin with every fiber
of their being.
Apparently impaling one of your children with a poorly
thrown pub dart the size of a small dog is enough to
shut off a decent afternoon activity forever.
The band was from New England, Vermont and New Hampshire
for the most part, and developed a small but rabid
following over the few years they performed here.
Some of the songs are novelty oriented and I play the hell out
of them whenever the mood strikes.
Like now…

Spicy Peanut Butter Soup

You Suck at Cooking with a nifty little soup idea
that you can create in just a few short hours
with ingredients that you’re sure to have
hidden away somewhere in the attic or garage!
Well, no not really, that did sound grand though.
Peanut butter soup is not something that cries
out to me but it does sound interesting.
In the unlikely even you don’t care for it,
please give Emily a ring, she’ll appreciate that…