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Springfield Swap Meet

It’s that time of year, one man’s trash is
another man’s garbage…or something like that.
Skinner recalls the tender moments of being
held in captivity.
Mayor Quimby is aghast.
Moe’s out of his mind.
Homer is rummaging through some old junk.
The FIRST Superman comic, The Inverted Jenny,
an original Stradivarius…


Adam Ferrara off of his Funny as Hell recording
with some insight on moving in together.
He’s a really funny guy, one of the better stand-up
comedians on the circuit.
He’s right about the bathroom!
One naughty expletive around the half way mark
that you’ve heard a millions times when your father
tried to get the lawn mower going…

Biggus Dickus

One of the funniest scenes from Monty Python’s
1979 classic flick, Life of Brian.
Michael Palin, John Cleese and Graham Chapman
are as good as it gets.
I always crack up watching the guards trying not
to laugh, quite infectious.
Superb, and the subtitles help with the dialogue…