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I feel in the mood for a little old school rap comedy.
Bobby Jimmy & the Critters fits the bill nicely.
Russ Parr created the persona back in the 1980’s
and he released a few recordings that paved the
way for other rappers to follow suit.
I’ll post a few of these in the near future, maybe a
slice of Chunky A, or some MC Mr. Napkins.
Lots of decent material out there, let’s start with this…


Shaun the Sheep with a very humorous look at
farm life with a rhythm.
Beasts with a beat, one might say.
You have to give credit to the folks at Aardman
Animations, they are very good at what they do.
Their sense of humor is exquisite, highly refined
and quite keen.
I like this piece…

The Garage Incident

Christopher Titus has passion.
You can tell by the way he approaches life that
he lives it to the fullest.
Still, he is not a perfect being, like all of us he
makes mistakes.
But it’s not always his fault.
He is one of the better stand-up comedians on
the circuit…

The Thing

I have many recordings of this from different artists.
The most well known is done by Phil Harris but
this is a pretty darned good one as well.
Ray Charles is not really known for his novelty
tunes, he’s a superb soul man with no peer.
It’s always good to see the greats come out with a
funny one, a sense of humor is always a plus…