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Type A

John Forster with a song of testosterone and attitude.
At least as far as the masculine side of the equation
is concerned.
He’s a great performer, superb with a lyric, and he has
a wicked sense of humor…

The Point of View Gun

This neat little scene from The Hitchhiker’s Guide to
the Galaxy features a weapon that doesn’t kill but it
sure does cripple its victims.
It fills the person you are shooting with the shooter’s
point of view.
I am a huge fan of the famous Douglas Adam’s series
of books, television, and British radio plays.
This scene is from the 2005 movie, a flick that some
folks didn’t care for, mostly because it strayed from
the original version just a tad.
I personally liked it quite a bit, it stayed faithful to
the story that Mr. Adams wrote and it was supported
by some solid acting.
This is a set-up for another slice that I’ll post later
in the week, it will make more sense and have a greater
impact when we come back…