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Old People

Greg Warren has something to say about all sorts of things.
I love to hear him carry on about that which is confusing.
Mostly old people, but he ain’t stopping there!
I love his snark, brutally efficient and quite funny…

Parking in the City Sucks

I’ve worked in Boston, New York City, and a host of other
rather large cities that had horrible parking.
It’s a huge hassle to struggle with city parking, even when
you locate a decent parking spot it is very often a very
expensive transaction.
These folks have figured that out…

Daycare and College

A very funny stand-up comedian, a great father, and a darned good interview.
Juston McKinney is from New Hampshire and weaves more than a few anecdotes
into his act reflecting on his time as a local law enforcement official.
His shtick is snark, bewilderment, and channeled frustration, and he uses it all
quite well.
I love to play him on the show, here’s why…