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Clarinets and Kissing

Tommy Ryman with a look at his lady killing ways and
his vast musical ability.
I kid, of course, all in jest, he makes plenty fun of himself.
He knows full well where his strengths lie.
Tommy is a great stand-up comedian, he has found his true shtick…

Cannonball Run: The Doctor

The late, great Jack Elam was a beloved character actor from
the old days of westerns, usually playing a deranged bad guy.
He was injured in his left eye when he was a kid and it gave him
his signature look, slightly mad with a touch of menace.
This scene is from the1981 Burt Reynolds flick, Cannonball Run.
Burt and Dom DeLuise are in need of a doctor, they plan on
taking a cross country trip and time is of the essence.
Jack Elam is their man!
Not a bad movie at all, just slightly dated, still a good watch…

Decomposing Composers

I have always liked this piece by Monty Python.
My assumption is that it was written, like all the musical offerings
from the group, by Eric Idle.
Perfectly British, full of interesting dead bits about famous musicians
from centuries past, as sung by Michael Palin…

Bank Robbery Scene

This is a cringe scene from a fairly entertaining flick from 2011.
Quite possible Johnny Depp’s best acting role ever, if you don’t
count the role of “field worker #4” in a play he did when he was
in fourth grade.
The sheriff isn’t quite right in the head apparently.
Some great lines here…