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If Pigs Had Wings

The legendary Heywood Banks with a classic!
I interviewed him back in the late 90′s and
found him to be engaging and quite funny.
I’ll always play his songs on the show, he’s
one of the very best performers of this genre.
Keep them coming Heywood, we love ‘em…

Where Are My Socks?

This is a great little snippet from the BBC television
series Blackadder the Third!
If you’ve never seen it please make the time to do so.
It is one of the very best comedy series to ever air.
Typically British, smart as a whip and very well done.
Rowan Atkinson and Hugh Laurie creating some stellar
comedy together.
He can’t blame the dryer like I do…

On This Day in History

Steve Martin was born back in 1945!
There isn’t much Mr. Martin hasn’t mastered in the comedy field.
Stand-up, sketch, and musical, he’s done it all.
And he’s done it very well indeed.
Happy Birthday, Steve, may you have many more!
This is a great scene from a movie that made him quite famous.
I highly recommend The Jerk, some classic moments here.
His physical comedy skills are second to none…