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Cloud 9 Motel

Farquahr was a band that had a big following back
in the 60’s and 70s in New England.
They were known as a really talented bunch of musicians
with a great sense of humor.
Good with a lyric, they entertained for a few years before
breaking up and going their separate ways.
I first heard this tune many years ago on the radio and
started looking for a recording almost immediately.
It took me many years to find a copy, and strangely enough
it was provided by a really nice Australian fellow with a
website that provides his fans with hard to find music.
Mr Weird and Wacky, I thank you!
Some great lines here…

The Lone Psychiatrist

This might date back to 1955 but it’s a piece that was
way ahead of its time when it was created.
The legendary Stan Freberg along with Daws Butler
and June Foray, two of the best voice artists to ever live.
It’s a parody of the old Lone Ranger radio show that
went on to be a popular television program as well.
I can really appreciate the timing and voice artistry here.
Not a bad effort at all, it really shines.
Some great lines here…

Social Media Selfishness

Cy Amundson is a damned good stand-up comedian.
One of the best on the circuit actually.
He’s not a one-liner kind of guy, he tells a really
compelling story with all the peripherals you would
need to get a great visual.
Peppering each facet of his story with humor until
the end where he usually hits you with a great
punchline, tying it all together quite well indeed.
This is not one of his best pieces but it is worth
checking out for his insights into the human condition.
It might not be his best but it’s better then most other
comedians’ material…

Mouse in a Bottle

A great piece from the SCTV archives.
What a sweet show that was, it aired in the early
80’s to rave reviews, and all the praise was deserved.
John Candy started here, as well as Catherine O’Hara,
Eugene Levy, and a few others.
It was a show about a fictional television station called
SCTV, following the lives of the celebrities and hosts.
It was really funny and, typical of Canadian humor, smart.
These two guys, Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, were
chosen to give the show a couple of “Canadian moments”
as it was a contractual obligation to have Canadian
content for a variety show of this type.
They pulled something together to meet that obligation
and the rest is history, they became a huge hit on both
sides of the border.
Bob and Doug McKenzie trying to get free beer…

Autism, My Sister Kate

A classic diatribe/lament/set by the great Kathleen Madigan.
Most of her material comes from a down to earth family
background and it shows, she speaks to you and I.
Always good for a laugh, she’s one of the best stand-up
comedians on the circuit.
Her sister Kate has issues…

Bald is Beautiful

Bowser and Blue with an ode to those that shine.
On the top, where the fuzzy stuff used to be.
Great musicians, top notch humorists, long time
friends…a combo made in comedic heaven.
Another great source of laughter from Canada…