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We’re Not Number One

I’ve said it many times, and will continue to do so.
Daniel Tosh is my favorite stand-up comedian on
the circuit, he has brought irreverence to a whole
new level, combined with an intelligence that few
comedians possess and you have one of the best ever!
He’s a very bright guy, he raised the bar a lot when
he became a comic, I’m very impressed with his act.
He can get a bit profane, I’m trying to find material
that can be viewed by all, not that profane is bad
but the goal here is for all to enjoy.
This is a great piece…

Refried Beans

This is one of the very first novelty recordings I
purchased for the show way back in 1992.
I had been collecting for many years before that,
this is one that I found in the bins at a music
store in downtown Montreal right after I started
Comedy 101 Radio and I thought it might be a good fit.
It’s got a great beat, solid lyrics and street cred.
Be careful what you eat…

Spot the Differences

This is a superb example of how talented Rhett and Link
can truly be, great music, excellent premise, well executed!
I posted this a year ago and I wanted to bring it back to
spotlight the imagination these two guys have.
They are in a league by themselves when it comes to
intelligent comedy, well though out humor is not as
common as I’d like it to be.
That song stays with you…

Things I Do in My Free Time

Off of his “Bath Time with Tommy Ryman” recording, an
observational piece about crazy people on public
transportation, dogs that party too much, and meatloaf!
A couple of low level naughty bits, hide any nuns you
might have praying around the house…