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John Pinette is really hitting his stride on this one!
I was at this gig, this was taped at the Montreal Comedy
Festival a few years before John passed away.
The crowd always loved Mr. Pinette, this one was no exception.
He was one of the best, I really believe that…

On This Day in History

The late, great Chuck Berry was born back in 1926!
Not a comedian, way beyond that, some consider him to
be the grandfather of Rock and Roll.
This cut is really the only humorous piece he ever did,
an absolute classic by any stretch of the imagination.
This is not the “live” version that everyone knows and
loves, it’s a rare studio version that sounds really cool.
Some say Chuck is up there now playing with his…


Not the Nine O’Clock News with a great comedy sketch
centered around a labor dispute!
The dates mentioned are the only things dated here, the
rest is fresh and funny.
A very young Rowan Atkinson as the lead man…