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Why Tinder is Terrible

Zoltan Kaszas with a humorous set on App Dating
and why it’s mean!
I started to play him on the show just last year and
he’s a nice addition to the stand-up list.
He thinks a lot about his subject matter and it shows.
Not a face swiper is he…

Facebook Blues

Antsy McClain and the Trailer Park Troubadours with a
superb piece on everyone’s favorite window to the world!
Great musicianship and singing, he’s an incredible talent,
pours his heart and soul into it.
Especially if you love the blues on this one…

Dope Zebra

Rhett and Link with a tribute to those poor misunderstood
striped horses we often see at zoos.
I had no idea they were that good on the dance floor.
Probably a matter of survival.
Hunted almost to extinction for their pelts, gotta bust a
move to avoid becoming clothing for NFL referees…

I Used to Work in Chicago

This classic novelty song has been covered by many
folks over the years, most notably the late, great
Oscar Brand.
This is from Rick Bedrosian off of the “Hair of the Dog”
recording, released in 2003.
It’s always nice to hear different versions, musical styles
vary and some folks have a way of making a song their own.
Not quite double entendre’, as close as you can get though…