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How Women are Wired

This is a great set by the talented David Crowe.
He’s a very good stand-up comedian, one of the
better ones on the circuit.
His material is well thought out, and quite intelligent.
Definitely a good fit for the show.
He’s certainly familiar with the many intricacies of
the average woman, in some societies that would
make him a god like figure…

She’s My Daughter

Tom Wilson off his “Bigger Than You” recording.
He is very protective, some might say overly so.
What’s a Biff to do?
Kick some daughter date butt, that’s what!
Why does life have to be so complicated?
I’d listen to him…

Lisa Goes to the Prom

A dual humor slice of the Simpsons!
From season 10, Episode “Lard of the Dance”.
Lisa gets roped into going to the dance and
Homer tries his hand at grease recycling.
Many slimey snow angels were made and
everyone slid home happily ever after.

Homeschool Prom

Andy Woodhull with a humorous look at “The Prom”.
In this case it would be the home schooled type.
It’s that time of year, the big dance reigns supreme
for most high school seniors…that have dates.
They are very overrated in my humble opinion,
the music is waaaaaay too loud, they won’t let you
dance naked, and there’s no beer cooler.
Not MY idea of a great time!
Andy’s a funny guy, I love to play him on the show…