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The Irish Ballad

Tom Lehrer’s immortal classic!
The man is a legend, quite possibly the best satirist
to ever grace a stage.
Check him out some time when you have a moment, his
accomplishments are numerous, his intellect formidable,
and his talent is undeniable.
He will be ninety years young on April 9, I’m going to
throw a party and post a ton of his wonderful material
on that day.
A song he wrote back in the 1950’s, dark and humorous.
This version is missing a certain line that his studio album
had, do you know what it is…?
I love his introduction!

Danny Boy

Maybe it’s because I grew up with Sesame Street, but I
think this is one of the funniest pieces I’ve ever seen!
The genius who conceived this should be given a comedic
medal of some kind, seriously hilarious in every way.
Frank Oz as Animal, Jim Henson as the Swedish Chef, and
Richard Hunt as Beaker…

Irish Music

At least the way that Tim Wilson looks at it!
He played Biff in the Back to the Future flicks
but he’s not just an actor, his voice over work
and his comedic talents keep him very much
in the limelight.
He has musical skills as well, I’ll post some of his
funnier pieces in the future.
Not a bad stand-up comedian at all, as this
little slice proves quite well…

I Like Chinese

A classic piece written and performed by Eric Idle!
He wrote the music for Monty Python, producing
a large amount of superb songs throughout their
splendid career.
Some real keepers, top notch in every way.
This is quirky, clever and humorous.
And maybe just a little politically incorrect…