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Our old pal Clinton Jackson with an insightful look
at felines and the insane people that own them!
I’ve been playing Mr. Jackson on the show for a
while now and he has proven himself quite worthy
of airplay.
I know of what he speaks…

Eddie’s Apartment

Kenny Young and the Eggplants have a new recording out!
They just sent it to me, I haven’t had time to review it
yet but it’s on my short list for this week.
Here’s one of their best novelty songs, it has a dark
yet comical streak to it.
The Cheese got too big, too big…

Put Another Log on the Fire

Just when you thing the Muppets couldn’t get more
cutting edge, they parody yet another dark one!
I posted a version of this not too long ago by
Tompall Glaser, it’s also called The Male Chauvinist
Pig’s National Anthem, and it’s satire of the finest order.
Some folks don’t get the joke, but they will watching
this version!
It stars Candice Bergen as the poor wife…

Beer Vs Coffee

David Crowe with a very smart set on the differences between a
couple of very precious liquids!
Beer Man Vs Sir Fidget…who will win the big battle?!
I prefer beer myself.
Coffee makes me want to chew on people’s legs.
Could be me.
A naughty word towards the endish…yeah, I know,
but your Mom COULD be standing right behind you.
Made you look…