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And what men and women prefer to see when going to one.
This Richard Jeni piece is a superb example of what he
was capable of doing on stage, making people think
and laugh out loud!
He hits the nail on the head…

Eating in Italy

The late, great John Pinette was a very good
stand-up comedian that really squeezed all he
could out of his chubbiness and love of good food.
I was lucky enough to see him perform live and
loved every minute of it.
Here he is performing at the Toronto Comedy Festival
and it sounds like he has a great crowd…

On This Day in History

Mike Birbiglia was born back in 1978!
A pretty funny stand-up comedian and all around
humorist, Mike is branching out a little, doing a
bit of producing and getting involved with all
sorts of comedic applications.
Happy Birthday Mike!
Keep ‘em laughing…