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My house is fine and I ain’t got time…

Russ Parr.
Does that name sound familiar to you?
Didn’t think so.
It should be though…he was a stand-up comedian early in his career,
found lots of work on television sitcoms and commercials and eventually became a
pretty successful radio personality.
What I really like about him is the work that he has done in the field of comedic hip-hop.
Yes, I’m being cagey again, you know at some point that I’m going to blurt out
(okay, write in caps) who he really is.
Hey, this IS a blog/website/rag sheet and I have to slow the process down enough to look
like I put a ton of time and energy into it,
otherwise you’d go somewhere else to feed your insatiable craving for all things trivial!
I mean..DUH!
I play him on the show quite a bit, pretty good stuff.
Nice beat, good lyrics and some great visuals contained therein.
Ha…told ya so!
I played this on the last show.

A nice video, considering it was done in the mid-eighties, not bad at all!

Here’s a Toast to a fine comedy artist…

As much as I loves me some parody the comedy folks that do their own original material are very high on my list.
One of my all time favorites is Stuart Mitchell.
Slow down, I’ll get there!
Some of his best pieces are “Perry had a Pimple”, “If I Had a Bulldozer”, “If Pigs Had Wings”
and a boatload of many other fine ditties of comedic lunacy.
Stuart started off, like many other funny people, as a straight singer of folk ballads,
pop songs and other such fare.
He realized well into his career that he got a lot of audience approval by throwing in some
humor during his show.
This eventually led him to change the path a bit, and now he is known as one of the best
musical comedy acts out there.
What I think is really cool is his on stage personality…eccentric, odd looking and unflappable
are what make him what he is.
Why, Heywood Banks, that’s who!

I highly recommend him!

Who Spiked my Drink?

I love puns, even bad ones.
Actually, I don’t think there is such a thing, a pun IS bad, that’s what makes it GOOD.
I’m rambling again.
This video is a classic piece of American humor, done by a genius who was way ahead of his time.
And I do not use the word “genius” lightly.
Spike Jones made parody an art form.
He poked fun at all sorts of things…love songs, marriage, Hitler, horse racing and LIFE itself.
He was a source of humor when times were tough.
During World War II he wrote and performed a neat little ditty called Der Fuehrer’s Face
that helped the populace cope.
He performed with Doodles Weaver, George Rock, Freddy Morgan, Sir Frederick Gas and many more.
Spike was a drummer in a few bands before he started to incorporate humor into his act.
He created some superb routines over the years and this just might be his greatest one.

What is up with playing the corn cobs?! Must be an inside joke…