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What a lovely day! Aaaaahhhhhhh!

Adam Ferrara is currently on my top five stand-up comedians
list, for many reasons.
He has killer material and a stage presence to die for.
His confidence is an asset, and he understands the world.
After all is said and done he is one funny guy!
I can certainly relate to this piece!

Funny stuff!

Mom, I was just going to call you!

I have a really big soft spot for the humor of Mike
Nichols and Elaine May.
They were an award winning comedy team in the 1950s but
the majority of their work is absolutely timeless.
I play them on the show and it is a great fit.
Here is a nice little sketch that sons everywhere
can relate to…

I can identify!

I like a beer every now and then

Da Vinci’s Notebook was a great four man a cappella band
specializing in humorous songs.
Founded in 1996 they performed together until 2004, during
that time they created some memorable comedy songs that I
love to play on the show.
I’d like to show you the live version of this song but I
cannot find one, and I am not sure it even exists.
Not to worry, every now and then I see a fan tribute video
that I really like, and this is one of them.
Another Irish Drinking Song!

Two of the guys in this band went on to become Paul and Storm!

A general guide

Smith and Jones was a British comedy duo that spun off of
Not the 9:00 News when they broke up.
Mel Smith and Griff Rhys Jones made a great a go of it
and, in some ways, were just as good as NTNON.
This is a funny sketch about the Nazi generals that you
and I have both seen in old, and not so old, WW2 movies.

I like it!

Ummm, what have you got?

I have seen John Pinette perform live, most recently at
the Montreal Comedy Festival, and he is a very funny man.
A few people think he’s a One Joke Pony due to his
reliance on material that documents his rather large frame.
And I do understand that opinion, but I must gently disagree.
He does talk about it, a lot actually, but he pulls it off
quite well, and in doing so reveals a lot about the human
condition, thin, fat or anything in between.
Speaking of Montreal…

Pretty good stuff!

And I showed her my…polka dot undies

Canada has a wonderful collection of comedic talent.
Bowser and Blue is one of them, or two of them if you will.
They have been around a long time, and for good reason.
George Bowser and Rick Blue are a very funny musical duo.
A strange sense of humor to be sure, lots of great songs
and most of them a bit on the adult side.
They are not as young as they used to be, but who is?
Here they are doing one of their classic pieces.

What are YOU wearing?