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Saw…the short that started it all

The Saw horror movie franchise began with a short video
by film director James Wan in 2003.
Simply called Saw (short film), it gained some financial
backing and the whole Saw franchise was born.
This is a frightening little video for many reasons, the
biggest one being, it CAN happen!
There is nothing extraordinary about it, no monsters, ghosts
or supernatural entities at all…just humanity at its
most twisted.
There is profanity, but that’s the least of the issues here.
Intense, scary and all too real!



This is one of the scariest videos that I’ve seen in a long time.
Without giving anything away, it is short, sweet and very much
to the point!
Please keep in mind that I love scary movies, Halloween and
all the things in the world that make the hair on my neck
stand straight up AND that I think it is very important to
have the right ambiance with which to observe these things.
Having said that, this is one frightful little piece of work!


Why the long face, Ed?

What can you say about Emo Philips that hasn’t been said
by his mother?
One of my all time favorites…smart as a whip and as funny
as anyone has a right to be.
Here he is on British TV doing some classic material.

I wish that I could do what he does!

He Dies at the End

As I explained in an earlier post, I will be adding an
extra daily video for this week leading up to and including
Halloween day.
They are NOT humorous, as a matter of fact they may just
give you some serious nightmares…I am NOT kidding!
Today’s entry is a superb little piece that will make
your heart race something fierce.
This is from Damian McCarthy…


But who was throwing the pies?!

The 3 Stooges are the longest running television comedy
source on the planet, almost 80 years now!
Admittedly it’s almost a completely male phenomenon but
we count too! (Okay, to ten if we take our shoes off)
Today’s entry is both comedy and scary, and what better
way to do that than to play some Moe, Larry and Curly.
This is a classic from 1942 and it’s hysterical! *

* From a guys point of view anyway.

Amy’s Torch!

As I had written earlier I will be adding a daily Halloween
piece along with the usual funny stuff.
Today’s video is a very frightening little work of art
that scared the stuffing out of me…no lie.
And, please, take my word for it, as the week goes on
they WILL get much scarier.
This is a nice one!

I do so love Halloween!

It’s that time of year again!

Heywood Banks is a very unique comedian.
Great with a tune, quick of wit and quite eccentric.
All the things that I wish I were.
I looked all over creation for a live version of this
classic piece by him but could not find one.
I don’t like to show too many tribute videos, as they
tend to be less than stellar, but this is a decent one.
Halloween by Heywood Banks…

Not bad at all!

Welcome to Halloween Week!

I do so love scaring the living Hades out of people!
For the next few days, leading up to Halloween on the
31st, I will be posting a scary, most definitely NON
humorous, short video DAILY on this page.
Here’s a great little short called “Shadow Puppet”!

They will get a LOT scarier as the week goes on!