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I’m not dead, you know!

Gareth Hale and Norman Pace are a VERY funny British duo.
They had a superb comedy show on ITV for ten years and
still perform all over the world.
Here’s a really funny piece that kind of spotlights
what guys have been accused of doing for centuries.
Can you make it through without chuckling!

I contend that you cannot!

No Jeggings

Every now and then College Humor puts out a pretty funny
video…yes, I’m being snarky.
This is a piece on what not to wear in the classroom.
It’s also pretty good satire on what passes for “style”
in this day and age.
Especially when most of these so called fads are the
creation of ad men and the quest for the eternal dollar!

Good one.

Grabbing fish and slapping bears

Dan Cummins is a pretty talented stand-up comedian.
As with all comics he has his ups and downs.
His first CD, Revenge is Near is excellent, where as
his second recording, Crazy with a Capital F, is not
quite as good…not bad, but given a choice go with
the first one.
I play him on the show and the listeners like him a lot.
He has a degree in psychology and you can tell, his mind
goes places where most comedians dare not.
Here he is talking about friends that stretch the truth…


Cows were out of season

Tom Lehrer is, by all accounts, a very talented man.
A math professor, pianist and a gifted singer he
first started performing in the 1950s while attending
Harvard University as a student.
As good as he is at those particular things his
ability as a lyricist is what sets him apart from the rest
of us.
Some of his peers consider him to be right up there with
the absolute best of them, not just good but the top of
the heap.
This is Mr. Lehrer, in Denmark, doing a very timely little
ditty, just right for this time of year…

What a tremendous performer!

Why the hell did she marry Gerald?!

The many talents of Rowan Atkinson are on display here.
His mastery of a one sided conversation is a wonder to behold.
It reminds me of Bob Newhart at his peak.
There are those that look upon Rowan as nothing more than
Mr. Bean, that is a shame.
His role on Blackadder alone was superb, not to mention what
he has done with others in the industry…Angus Deayton,
Stephen Fry, Hugh Laurie, the Monty Python gang and
mane more.
Check this out…

Great stuff!

Just hop a flounder

The late, great Richard Jeni was one of the best stand-up
comedians who ever lived.
His delivery, stage presence and attitude were way above
average, but what really made him special was the material.
His comedic mind was one of a kind, what he joked about
set him apart from all the others.
Here’s a great example of what I mean…Jaws 4 the Revenge!

Great stuff!