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Vere are ze papers, old man?!

Sorry, couldn’t resist, referencing classic Cheech and Chong
skits are an old habit of mine…my blog, MY cheesy comments.
Ze Frank is at it again, this time the bulls eye is the
lowly armadillo, natures heavily armored eater of fire ants.
This is a funny one…

I’d like to see him do the Grizzly Bear!

Seasons Greetings Everyone!

This is a pretty cool holiday shout out from Quirkology,
a great little web site run by Richard Wiseman.
Mr. Wiseman is very interesting fellow indeed, he was a
professional magician before obtaining a PHD in Psychology.
These days he is a professor at a British university and
specializes in, and I quote Wikipedia here, “debunking
unusual phenomena”, at a very high level.
When you have some time check him out on the web, you will
find him and his endeavors quite compelling.
Until then…

I appreciate the thought!

My father was crazy!

John Heffron is a great stand-up comic, one of the best.
He has an off-beat delivery with just a bit of an accent
that can best described as blue collar funny.
I play him on the show and everyone likes him.
He won on Last Comic Standing and deservedly so.
Here he is doing some of his classic material…

Great Stuff!

It’s me, I did it!

Comedy can be, and often is, complex and ambiguous.
Especially parody and satire, thinking mans humor for sure.
This skit, in and of itself, is not offensive at all.
It’s actually an indictment against racist law enforcement
policies that exist almost everywhere on the planet.
It is very funny, especially when you wrap your mind around
the above premise.
This is from Hale and Pace, a very talented British duo that
ruled the telly for many glorious years not that long ago.


I brought my dog to the V E T

Now here’s a comedian that I have not showcased before.
The many faceted Billy Connolly is a stand-up comedian,
actor, singer and musician who has been performing since
the early 70s, first as a folk singer and finally as the
supreme comedic talent that he really is.
Not to mention the fact that he married Pamela Stephenson
the rather lovely ex-member of Not the 9:00 News, a British
comedy troupe that also starred Rowan Atkinson.
Wait, I just mentioned that, didn’t I?
He’s had a huge impact on British and American comedy over
the years, and rightly so, he’s a very funny man.
Here he is performing a song that I play on the show from
time to time…

I like it!

Sending out X-mas cards

Kathleen Madigan is one of the best comedians on the circuit.
I play her on the show and will continue to do so as long
as she can make me laugh, and judging by her track record
that will be for a long time to come.
Here she talks about X-mas cards, kids and stupid people.
Great topics all…

Good stuff!

What is THIS?!

Garfunkel and Oates say it best here.
Looking at it from the other side of the dilemma,
I have the WORST time picking out presents for people.
So, if you find yourself in this situation, think of me.

Good one!