Monthly Archives: March 2014

Those are the balls that I like best

AC/DC is one kick A## hard rock band with talent to match.
I have always liked them, better when Bon Scott was alive
but still a delight to observe.
This song has seen some serious air time on the show and
it is a laugher and a half, the late, great Bon and the boys
bring you…Big Balls!

Nice one.

It Burns, it BURNS!

Mike Armstrong used to be a police officer, then he gave it
all up and became a stand-up comedian.
Talk about a career change!
I am so glad he did though, he is one funny guy and a
top ten favorite of mine, I give him all sorts of air time.
Here he is doing two of my favorite bits by him…

Good Stuff!

Are you suggesting we eat my mother?

This is a very dark classic by our favorite sketch comedy
group of all time, Monty Python.
A skit so different from their usual approach, they actually
get the studio audience involved, to show some mock disdain.
This is from the BBC original series…
The Undertaker’s Sketch!

Too much, I love it!

Never Trust a Puppet

That song title could only have come from the incredible
Heywood Banks, or Stuart Mitchell if you’re his neighbor,
he of MANY very funny comedy songs fame.
Here he is performing it at a comedy club in Michigan…

He’s quite an artist!