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Oh Dear!

Tommy Johnagin is a talented stand-up comedian that I love
to play on the show, He’s funny, clever and insightful in
ways that will make you smile like a cat.
Here he is on Last Comic Standing talking about his visit
to the Gynecologist…

More to come!

Pronoun trouble!

I grew up on Bugs Bunny and the whole Looney tunes gang.
Yes, I know, that explains a lot, but stay with me here.
When you have the insane voice talent of Mel Blanc, the
wonderful animators of Warner Brothers Studios and the
over the top sense of humor of the multitude of directors
and writers that were involved with this production, you
most definitely have the recipe for success of a very
humorous kind.
This is a classic Bugs vs Daffy that makes my day…
Rabbit Season, Duck Season!

More to come!

That’s Looney Tunes for sure

I’m on a cartoon kick this week.
This will give you a taste of some of the best darned cartoons
Termite Terrace ever produced!
That name, by the way, is what they called the building where
the talented animators actually created their cartoons.
Now known as Warner Brothers Animation, back in the 1930s it
was called Leon Schlesinger Studios, after the man who
headed the place.
The name Termite Terrace was given to it when the head
animator was a guy by the name of Tex Avery, he went
on to create some of the best cartoons the world’s ever seen.
I could go on for hours on this topic, and I will expound
more as the week rolls on but I’ll start with this little
overview of some of the very best animation ever created.
How many have YOU seen…?

Much more to come!

Good Idea…Bad Idea

Tom Bodett found work, now maybe his mom will stop calling.
This little cartoon was actually a running theme on the
Animaniacs show from a few years back.
It reminds me of the old Looney Tunes shows where they would
give you a few different types of cartoons in every show.
Cute concept…

More to come!

The History of the World

Mel Brooks has one of the best pedigrees in the history of
comedy, a major player by anyone’s yardstick.
One of the funniest movies he had a hand in creating is
History of the World Part 1.
Many famous people were in it, most without screen credit,
and it’s a ball pointing them out when you watch it.
Here’s a great set of scenes from the movie, enjoy…

Too much!

An uplifting song…

The great Camille West is one hell of a talented human being!
Performer, singer, songwriter and much more, she is a must
see when in the area.
The Four Bitchin’ Babes cover some of her tunes and
this is one of them.
Sung by Camille, this is one funny number!

I like that!