Monthly Archives: May 2014

There’s a bomb on the beach

Bob Newhart is an absolute master of the one sided
conversation, most of his early career was built on
this comedic mastery and he won many awards with it.
Here he is doing a great piece on someone who found
an old war era bomb on the beach, a fan tribute…

Superb stuff!

Bloody Vikings!

This is the skit that started it all!
As is the rule with most Monty Python this one is slightly
different…it was the very last sketch shown on the show
before it ended, check out the credits at the end!

A true classic!

We’re Those Two Dreadful Children

I have been looking for this recording for ages, so far
nothing but bootlegs but I’m not giving up.
The name of the band is Cruella De Ville, they formed in
Northern Ireland in the early 80s and stayed together
for about two years before they broke up.
They produced a few humorous songs but nothing quite
like this one, like the name implies…
Those Two Dreadful Children!

I’m still looking!

Do I look Italian to you?

Some early Adam Ferrara. I am really impressed with this guy,
he has some of the best material on the circuit, his timing is
excellent and his stage presence has gotten really good
over time.
As I said, EARLY material, I’ll post some of the newer
stuff later in the week! Adam Ferrara on Italians…

More to come!