Monthly Archives: June 2014

A big black nothing!

This is Wes Borg, he of the stupendous Canadian comedy troupe
Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie.
This is only slightly dated, barely, the concept and the
technical aspects are certainly still quite relevant.
I wish I could call him and have him explain to me why I
can no longer get my iPad to manually sync with iTunes!
He’d probably just tell me to by an iMac…

Good stuff!

Let Me Make You Smile

…in bed! 🙂
The Four Postmen ROCK! This is a great little ditty with
a tad bit of sensuality to it (yep…sex!) but not all doity!
A fan upload because I cannot find a version that I can hear
clearly (very poor live stuff!), not to worry it sounds superb.
Enjoy, Let Me Make You Smile…

A great tune!

I’m counting Sheep!

On a sheep kick today, cannot help myself!
I’ve always loved Shaun the Sheep by Aardman Animations,
it is funny beyond description and as original as they come.
This is a fan upload by a teacher who uses the series to
instruct his class, he gives it captions that the series
does not supply, please enjoy…The Bull!

That is really funny stuff!

Gerald the flying sheep

Monty Python sure has made some strange skits over their
great and storied career, and this is certainly one of them.
I play the beginning of this on the show and I love to hear
the dialogue between Graham Chapman and Terry Jones…

Great minds!