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Life is a Job

Father Guido Sarduci, the alter ego of Don Novello, has long
been a favorite of mine.
His stand-up is great, as is his story telling, but what I
like the most about him is the persona.
In the early 70s Don found an old priests outfit at a
thrift store and created a unique new act, the rest is history.
Here he is talking about…Paying for your sins!

That is just superb!

Looks like a bloody pillow

ZeFrank is back with an illuminating overview of those
wacky Marsupials (Greek for “Those that carry luggage” *)
that live among us.
Sounds like a cross between a bottom shelf horror movie and
and an airline commercial, but I digress.
As is usually the norm with ZeFrank this is also amusing.

* No, not really, I made that up.