Monthly Archives: September 2014

I’m a bear!

This is clever, very entertaining and most welcome to see.
Mike Birbiglia has released a nice little animation to
go with some fine stand-up off his Sleepwalk With Me release.
This is very funny, typical of Mike’s work…

Great stuff!

It’s Shaun the Something Something

I really love this BBC series from Nick Park and Aardman
Animations, very worthy of repeat viewing and some of the
absolute funniest material in its genre.
Even better than the Wallace and Gromit franchise that
came before it.
Here’s a great one called…The Shepherd!

I honestly don’t know how you could not
like this series, it makes me laugh every time I see it.


Weird Al Yankovic is getting very cool in his old age.
The videos, humor and subject matter are all top notch as
his new recording is proving to all his doubters.
This is a really nice one from Mandatory Fun called…
Word Crimes!

Nice beat!

I hate bathing suits!

Diane Ford is one of the very best stand-up comedians of all
time…great timing and flow, top notch material and an
insight into life that is quite inspiring.
Here she is doing some of the classic material that made
her a big name in the world of comedy…

More to come!