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How NOT to get your a## kicked

…by the police!
NSFW, a bit profane but we are all adults here…so there!
This is a really funny skit from the Chris Rock show
that gives you some pointers on, as the title says,
How NOT to get your ass kicked by the police!

I thought that this was appropriate for New Years Eve.

That tree had to come down!

The late, great John Pinette was one of a kind.
I saw him perform live, more than once, and always laughed out
loud, as did everyone else in the audience.
This is one of his better shows, everything about him was
just right, from his facial expressions to the timing,
as good as it gets.
He did not like camping…

R.I.P John, you were one of the greats!

Check please…

This is a killer piece of comedy, with two very talented
comedians, from the Dana Carvey television show that
aired during the Spring back in 1996.
I’ve been following Stephen Colbert for many years and find
him to be one of the very best comedians on the planet.
Steve Carell isn’t too shabby either, they both excel at
sketch comedy and it is a real joy to see them in this skit.
Behold… Waiters Who Are Nauseated by Food!

Great stuff!