Monthly Archives: January 2015

Blinded by the Light

The Vacant Lot were a Canadian Comedy Troupe that had some
really good exposure during the 1990’s, providing Comedy
101 Radio with some very nice tracks to play.
There is some tie in with The Kids in the Hall, the McKinney
brothers, with the usual top notch Canadian humor.
Seriously, I am constantly amazed at the quality of mirth
that The Great White Nord provides us with…exceptional stuff!
Here’s a skit that we can all identify with, having to do
with lyrics that we really don’t hear correctly.

More to come!

100 Things every man needs to know

There are actually much more than that, but we’ll stick
with these few…for now…we are men after all.
Now, let’s not get that list confused with 100 Things
That Every Man WANTS to know.
That would be very different, and then some.
As I said, we’ll stick with these for now.
The late, great Tim Wilson sings a good one…

Have a great week!

I’m lazy

Not bragging, just a fact.
Jim Gaffigan is too and he makes a ton of money talking
about it on stage…lazy CAN be good it seems.
This is a great piece of stand-up, insights galore!

Can someone pass me the remote control?