Monthly Archives: February 2015

An uplifting song!

This wonderful Fan Tribute is a great slice of what the
immensely talented Camille West can do with a guitar.
She wrote this piece back in the 90s when she was part
of The Four Bitchin’ Babes.
I play it on the show and it is a superb little ditty.
Viagra in the Waters…!

More to come!

Free Snow Cone

After the game!
There are some decent videos out there of Brian Regan
that I could have posted but I wanted to play this classic
track so I went with this fan tribute, and I’m glad I did.
Little League Baseball…

Have a great weekend!

Me Like Hockey!

It’s a good time of year for this little ditty, especially
if you really like hockey!
The Arrogant Worms are very good at what they do and I
love to hear what they create.
Here they are doing a piece about their sports preferences…

More to come!

Bill Collectors

Anthony Griffith is a pretty darned good stand-up comedian
that is known for being clean, funny and observational.
I enjoy playing him on the show, he has some classic material
that makes him really shine.
This is a good slice of what he can do…

I like it!

Amplify the Ping Machine!

This is a great scene from Monty Python’s The Meaning of Life.
It is pretty much the beginning of the movie and it really
sets the tone for what is to come.
In real life Graham Chapman was a doctor, doesn’t surprise
me, the whole gang was very intelligent, and it certainly
shows in their comedy.
Graham had a machine that went…Ping!

Nice stuff!

He’s a stay at home Dad

And make no mistake about it, THAT would be a hard job!
Jon Lajoie is a talented man, funny and interesting with
a great sense of humor that I enjoy playing on the show.
He can do light hearted comedy (Pop Song) and some seriously
dark humor (Slightly Irresponsible) and everything in between.
Here he is doing a piece that some dads can relate to…

Good stuff!