Monthly Archives: April 2015

Whites Only

Laundry, is now open for business!
This is as funny as it gets, I’ve not seen satire
as great at this in a very long time!
Watch it a couple of times and look at the background
when you do, it’s subtle but it’s pretty funny…

Mid week mirth at its finest!


That is all I have to say.
But that’s not all The Asylum Street Spankers have to say!
They sing it loud, proud and just a touch obscene.
A couple of naughty bits in this one but we’re all adults
here so that should not be a problem.
Too good not to post, the musicianship is great, the lyrics
just as good and the overall mood, well…

Nice one!

I made her laugh

Mike Birbiglia at the Montreal Comedy Festival!
Having been there many times I fully understand what a
great venue that can be for a true talent like Mike.
This is a great piece by him, lots of reflection and
superb insight from parts of his life…

More to come!

Four Candles

I’m going to get more eclectic in future posts, and I’m
starting with a great piece by the legendary British
comedy duo The Two Ronnies.
These guys had there own television show that ran for
many years and were the top of the comedic heap for
a long time, and rightfully so, they are a classic source
of humor.
Here’s a superb piece of mirth that is subtle yet does
a good job of making your mind wrap around it.
Check out the great punchline at the end…

I do so love British comedy!