Monthly Archives: April 2015

You’ve seen a ghost!

This is another silly one from The Amazing Johnathan.
I just love his act…goofy, interesting, funny and above all
very much off the wall!
I’ve seen him live and can appreciate the time and
preparation put into his stage show.
He is no longer performing due to a heart condition, and
according to a press release given out in 2014 only had a little
while left to live…a real pity.
Here’s to a lot more life left to live, from 1996…

Gotta love it!

Is that a safety match?!

This is the 35th anniversary of the ground breaking comedy
movie Airplane, and Yes, I MUST post snippets!
I’m surprised you’d even doubt that 🙂
This is a great slice of one of the running themes in
the flick where Robert Hays, the protagonist, is prone
to talking endlessly about all sorts of things.
Needless to say, this causes people to react in a highly
negative manner…

Much more to come!

You have to put down a base coat

Good old Mad TV, it ran from 1995 to 2009 and was very
influential for being a venue for a lot of great comedy
troupes, Corky and the Juicepigs comes to mind.
They weren’t afraid of trying new things and some of the
pieces were superb.
This is a cool little piece about Tagging (kinda)…

More to come!

One More Piece at a Time!

This is awesome!
Johnny Cash doing the aforementioned post live
with some humorous video to add to it.
I normally would not post two of the same song but this
is a video that I did not see until recently and it’s
really well done, with Johnny Cash doing the gig and
the narration…

That was sweet!