Monthly Archives: May 2016

May the Bird of Paradise

Fly up Your Nose!
Keeping to the loose country theme this week I thought I’d
post a playful piece by the late, great Little Jimmy Dickens.
This is a superb video, a glimpse of the man himself doing
what he did best, entertain.
He was only 4′ 11″ tall and it’s pretty funny to see him
play with that huge guitar!
This song actually charted back in the early 60s…

Service Please

I must say that john Pinette was certainly hitting his stride
before he passed away, he got better every time I saw him.
I’ll play him on the show for quite some time, he was very prolific
and had many superb tracks out there to choose from.
You only truly die when people stop thinking bout you.
Not gonna be for a while, John, not for a long while.
This is a great bit on the service industry and Starbucks…

Hold the Chicken

This is an iconic scene from a fairly famous movie from the 70s.
Jack Nicholson is the actor, Five Easy Pieces is the flick.
The setup is this…Jack and company are in a diner being
served by a waitress who would be better suited to serving
prison inmates on death row their last meal.
Moral of the story?
A little sarcasm goes a long way…