Monthly Archives: June 2016

Does God Exist?

Rowan Atkinson is a comedy genius, no argument there.
When he was with Not the Nine O’Clock News he was able
to really open up and show what he was made of.
This sketch really cracks me up, it’s typical of the best
British humor with its wit and dedication, but what
truly gets me is that Rowan basically gives the crowd
the middle finger throughout the whole skit!
Check this out…

Canyons of Your Mind

Every now and then I get the urge to put on some
Bonzo Dog Doo Dah Band.
Whenever I do it strikes me how very strange and way ahead
of their time they really were.
This video was made in 1968, it was weird then and it is
still very much so, I have to give them credit…

I Got Drunk Once

Maryellen Hooper is a very talented stand-up comic.
Like any good performer of comedy she has gotten better
over time and now packs the house wherever she goes.
I was fortunate enough to see her in Montreal a few years
ago, and I hope to again.
Here she is talking about the perils of alcohol…