Monthly Archives: July 2016


A darkly funny piece by a real comedic talent, Kurt Weitzmann.
I love to play his material on the show, it’s very well done
and even though it tends to be a bit dark it’s always funny…

Epic Rap Battle: Nerd vs Geek

You’ve probably already seen this but I’ve never posted it before
and it is a SUPERB, now a classic, video by Rhett and Link!
These two are the real deal, as talented as they come and very
creative. They were actually engineers working in their
fields before they quit, eventually joining forces
to make humorous commercials for local business and becoming
huge internet stars in the meantime.
They’ve known each other since grade school and it shows.
They work together so well, a very enjoyable duo…

How Women are Wired

David Crowe has long been an absolute favorite of mine and I
love to play him on the show.
Having said that, this piece ROCKS!
If you’re a guy and in a relationship this has got to
make you smile, some superb observations here…