Monthly Archives: August 2016

Gene Wilder Lives On!

I’ll pay tribute the late, GREAT Gene Wilder this week.
He was one heck of a comedian with a style all his own.
His work with Mel Brooks alone makes him worthy of cult
status, talk about classics films…Blazing Saddles and
Young Frankenstein are the top of the comedic heap!
This is a superb scene from the former, along with the
very underrated Cleavon Little.
I love the look on Cleavon’s face…

B.B.Q. U.S.A.

Mojo Nixon and Skid Roper naming all the places they’ve
loved them some grilled meaty substances!
This is a bit awkward, me being a vegetarian and all, but
who am I to get between a carnivore and his hardened
arteries? 🙂