Monthly Archives: July 2017

(the) Chainsaw Juggler

The Four Postmen with a spirited ode to hand/eye coordination
and the folks that loves them!
This is the best version of this classic piece of lunacy, the
sound effects are superb, and the quality is excellent.
There’s a really good reason this song is highly
regarded on the show, one of the most requested ever…

Sorry We’re Late

Andy Woodhull with a piece that I love to play on the show!
He has a certain “Please Help Me!” aspect to his act, that
sense of desperation that only a married man can possess.
A very funny comnic, clever with lots of insight…

A Night in Casablanca

This is a great scene from a 1946 Marx Brothers flick
starring Groucho as a hotel clerk with a very acerbic tongue!
He becomes the hotel manager in post war Casablanca and
the establishment or the town will never be the same.
Smythe indeed…