Monthly Archives: June 2018

Head Wedgie

Riley Armstrong with an infectious tune
that I can’t get out of my head!
And that, good people, is the point of the song.
He’s a pretty decent talent, great imagination.
I played this on the show last night…

Fighting the Alien Gang

Men in Black II here with a grand scene!
Kay gets his memory back, Jay gets his
partner back, and the Ballchinian gets his.
A good little series, lots to like about
any of the three flicks.
Lots of sight gags, repeated watchings are
highly recommended…

The Scotsman

Performed by Mike Cross, the man who wrote it!
Bryan Bowers made it famous, this version has a
certain twang to it though, have to post it.
“I See that you won first priiiiize!” gets me
every time…


Kurt Weitzmann with a darkly funny piece that I
love to play on the show!
They don’t make a lot of sketch comedy like this
anymore, great for the radio, no visuals needed.
I just love this stuff, can’t get enough of it.
Did I mention that it was a bit dark…?