Monthly Archives: June 2018

Frankie Sinatra

This one by The Avalanches is just too weird to play once a year!
A glorious mess of a production where the audio certainly
doesn’t match with the video, but it works Mate!
My hats off to all involved.
How do you even WRITE something like this?!
I’d stay away from the Lemonade…

Keebler Attack

This is harsh, but what the heck, it’s Monday!
Things get weird in Cookie Land, a large blue Sesame thingy
goes berserk and starts gnawing on elves.
He gets what he wants but there are some regrets.
Life is complicated.
Puns, plenty of puns…


Tim Young remembers the old days when the sweet stuff ruled!
When Spaz was a legit term of endearment.
I bounced off many a wall after ingesting my left leg’s weight
in chocolate bars and diabetes inducing soft drinks.
Now it’s a vegetarian no-sugar diet for me.
But I do remember…

Father’s Day the Irish Way

A superb display of Fatherhood by DailyFiberFilms!
I love this piece, I can play it on St. Patrick’s Day,
Father’s Day or just about any Man oriented themed day.
Starring a certified Fight Master and a comedy actor
with some great credentials, as father and son…


Adam Ferrara with a very poignant yet funny piece on his father’s
trials and tribulations!
A really strong bit of stand-up, good to see and hear.
Fathers are complicated people…