Monthly Archives: July 2018

On This Day in History

The Late, Great Geoffrey Lewis was born back in 1935!
Character actor and master storyteller Mr. Lewis
acted in many movies and television series and also
fronted a superb story telling group called
Celestial Navigations.
I love to give them air time on the show, many
humorous pieces to spotlight.
They do serious material as well, all of it is very
well done.
This is a playful little track, lots to like.
Keeping the man and his works alive…

The Butt Song

Lisle Leete, Carol Lipnick. Jack Hardy and a gang of talented
entertainers with an ode to something we all have and treasure!
I hold mine in great reverence at least.
Usually when nobody’s looking, but still.
The harmonies, gotta love ’em…

The Lone Psychiatrist

The late, great Stand Freberg with a classic from 1955!
Don’t be put off by the age, just about anything Stan
did was WAY ahead of its time.
Daws Butler and June Foray assist with the vocal
performances, two of the very best in the industry.
Gotta love the party jokes…

Watching Kids at the Pool

Kyle Kinane is a special kind of stand-up comedian!
Different in a good way.
He’s got a style all his own, blue collar all the way but
can be quite erudite when the occasion calls for it.
One of my current favorites, I love to give him air time.
Not a custody issue indeed…