Monthly Archives: January 2019

Jeebs Loses His Head

A great scene from Men in Black with Tommy, Will,
and Tony mixing it up at the pawnbrokers!
This is the scene that made this film gel with me.
I wasn’t sure, when I first saw it, what was so special
about the movie, until this popped onto the screen.
Classic now…

Public Engagement

Henry Cho is an American stand-up comedian who was born
and raised by Korean parents in Knoxville, Tennessee!
Henry is a very good comic who has gotten better with age.
He has a couple of bits that I consider classic pieces.
This is a funny slice of how the man thinks, pretty clever…

I Can Do That

This is actually a Slim Jim commercial starring
everybody’s favorite…Food Stuffs!
I think…yeah…kinda.
Edibles, maybe not really food.

Aqua Team Hunger Force rocks!
Meatwad is a stud!
Who knew?!
Shake, alas, is not.
More Snake Poop than anything…