Monthly Archives: March 2019

80 Hillbillies in a Haunted House

The Austin Lounge Lizards with a great Halloween ditty!
Why am I playing this in March then?! you may ask.
Why wait?
How does one get strangled by a Crawling eye?!
Playful, creative, and deranged…gotta love it!
These folks are very talented, they are a fine unit for sure.

Wait until you hear how they get their ranks to swell…

4th Grade Girls Basketball

One of my favorite stand-up comedians on the
circuit right now is Cy Amundson!
He doesn’t do the one-liner thing at all, he
absolutely excels at telling humorous stories
that are dark, cynical, and funny as Hell.
I myself did the Peewee basketball thing when I
was a wee lad, so I can seriously relate to the
points he is making here.
His observational skills are top notch, but his
twisted mind is even better.
Air ball, air ball, air ball, air ball, traveling…

26 Interesting Facts about Beer

Mental Floss and John Green with a cool video
about beer and the people who love it!
Count me in, I’m a lager/pilsner fan myself, with a
severe hankering for the Canadian side of the equation.
A very interesting spotlight, the only thing that I
disagree with is the declaration that American
beer is the best in the world.
Maybe if you’re talking about putting out fires,
washing your hair, or disinfecting a wound.
As far as drinking the stuff goes, not a chance!