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On This Day in History

Kate Micucci was born back in 1980!
She of Garfunkel and Oates fame, actress, singer, songwriter,
voice actor, and comedian Kate’s talents run the gamut.
Happy Birthday Kate, may you have many more!
Here’s an irreverent little ditty that I find humorous as hell.
This could never be performed by a guy!
Just saying… 🙂

On This Day in History

Hosea Jan Frank was born back in 1972!
Ze Frank to his admirers, he is known for many things,
not the least of which is his True Facts internet series.
He is highly educated, very intelligent and quite witty,
attributes that have served him well, developing a fan
base for the show that number in the millions.
Happy Birthday Hosea, may you have several more!
This episode made me laugh out loud more than once.
Some really funny lines in this one.
Pangolins Posse…

Nessie and Aliens

Kathleen Madigan off of her In Other Words recording
from 2006!
Her interests lean toward the “hard to prove” category.
One might even say fanciful, but I’m not judging.
That’s something I’ve always been like, I embrace the
unlikely but possible scenario, adds a bit of spice to life.
Nobody quite like her, a very funny stand-up comedian.
If she wants to believe, more power to her…

Award Ceremony

Rowan Atkinson is one of the finest comedic actors
to ever grace a stage!
He is known more for his lesser roles as Mr. Bean
and Inspector Raymond Fowler in the BBC Television
series, The Thin Blue Line, but he is so much more
than that.
Anyone who has ever seen the Blackadder series
can vouch for his talents.
He can be a very physical actor, his Mr. Bean character
did very little talking, and a top notch cerebral one,
Edmund Blackadder being a superb example.
He’s as good as it gets, none better in my humble opinion.
This piece really shows what he can do with the darker
side of comedy… snark, disgust and irreverence all on
display here.
I love top play this sketch on the show, it works well
on both a visual and an audio only level.
One little bit of profanity at the beginning, not unlike
the words your mother would use when she gets up
in the middle of the night to eat the rest of the pot roast
and accidentally stubs her toe on the kitchen table…