Monthly Archives: June 2019

The World’s Worst Translator

This is a pretty funny bit by Alternatino!
It’s a new comedy sketch show on Comedy Central
that really shows promise.
Starring Arturo Castro as a guy who is trying to
navigate life as a modern Latino man.
In this scene he’s trying to translate for two
no nonsense types who don’t have a lot of patience.
Some very funny stuff here, loads of promise…

Weird Jobs

Daniel Eachus with a pretty humorous set on some
strange occupations that he’s had over the years.
Daniel’s a funny guy, good timing and his material
has merit, he should go far.
No, that is NOT a cape…

Must Sell Screenplay

I love material like this.
A great piece of mirth from an otherwise
serious artist, Subplot A.
I’ve said it many times before, some of the
greatest comedy material has come from
folks just like this…normally a very serious
source of music but just underneath the surface
is a sense of humor that must be placated.
Some great lines here…

Last Will

A classic comedy sketch from The Frantics!
This is one of the very first pieces that I had heard
from them oh so many years ago.
As good as a comedy troupe can get, these guys have
been entertaining people since the 80’s.
Canada has created some fine comedians, here’s proof .
One of the very best…