Monthly Archives: July 2019


Heywood Banks with a how-to on making your bread
all brown and crispy.
And it’s animated!
Heywood is truly a talented musician.
I hear he plays a mean toilet plunger…

Hall of Memory

At one time I would have labelled this as parody.
In this day and age of hyper over the top television
programming it wouldn’t be inaccurate to state that
this could very well be the thing of the future.
Even the reward comes with strings…

Fruit Salad

You Suck at Cooking with a great way to chill and
gnaw on something during the hot Summer months.
It looks quite mouth watering to me!
Jangling your banana is, of course, optional.
Each state has laws governing such things, you may
want to look into that.
Try not to let the kittens get too close, it’s a real bugger
trying to get cat hair out of a salad…