Monthly Archives: September 2019

A Boy Named Sue

Yesterday I posted a piece by Johnny Cash.
Today it’s a song by the man who wrote Johnny’s
biggest selling recording ever.
Shel Silverstein was many things, but he was a superb
songwriter first and foremost, one of the very best.
This is a rare one, normally you hear this performed
by Mr. Cash, not Uncle Shelby.
Shel sings it in his own special way, with conviction and
a dash of mania…

Cats and Dogs

Zoltan Kaszas with a solid set on animals and
the crazy people with no lives whatsoever who
love them.
He does elaborate on certain pets and the quirks
they possess, and why we’re attracted to them.
Zoltan’s a great stand-up comedian, one of the better
ones on the circuit, I’ve recently received more material
from him to play on the show and I will gladly do so.
Jessica sounds like someone I know…

The Chicken in Black

Johnny Cash was certainly a talented artist, many a
serious tune of the working man flowed from this.
What a lot of people don’t know is that he did some
novelty tunes as well, rumor has it he released a
few of these because he wanted out of a contract.
This is certainly a humorous piece, not sure if it’s
one of the contract breakers, it does show that the
late great Mr. Cash had a sense of humor.
It warms me a bit to see him get silly.
I play this on the show from time to time…

Gerald the Gorilla

Not the Nine O’Clock News were THE comedy troupe
back in the late 70’s and early 80’s.
They had their own BBC Television show and a pretty
large following with principal members being
Rowan Atkinson, Pamela Stephenson, Mel Smith and
Griff Rhys Jones.
This is a superb sketch, Pamela playing the interviewer,
Mel Smith the professor, and Rowan Atkinson as the