Monthly Archives: September 2019

Free Beer Polka

Who doesn’t love a good polka band?
Okay, damned near everybody, but that’s not my point.
The Chardon Polka Band have talent and possess a
great sense of humor.
A well done video, upbeat and optimistic.
It’s Monday, this should lighten things up a bit…

Crevasse of No Return

Forest Patrol episode 4.
Rhett and Link get weird, that is a great thing.
This chunk of their little Forest Patrol mini series
can be found on their Good Mythical Morning Show.
I love their humor, it’s fresh and quite funny.
They embrace two out of the three Comedic Food Groups,
music and sketch comedy, and I firmly believe they could
probably do quite well in stand-up if they chose to.
Some nice lines here, I’ll be quoting them all week…

Work Hard…Play Hard

Greg Warren really impresses me, he keeps getting
better with age, and he was pretty darned good to
begin with.
This is from the recording that I rely heavily on for
the show “One Star Wonder”, it’s got a ton of great
material on it that I highly recommend.
I’m not taking anything away from his other material,
on the contrary, it’s all excellent, even better in some cases.
I don’t think he’s a big fan of Paul…

A Little More Gauze

One of me favorite sketches from Mike Nichols
and Elaine May, two comedic geniuses that were
way ahead of their time.
You don’t hear sketches like this anymore.
The slow demise of radio combined with the
rise of television, theater, and portable visuals
pretty much kill off the comedy sketch audio only
format, much to my show’s dismay.
This is a classic…