Monthly Archives: January 2020

Please Use this Song

Jon Lajoie has some real talent.
Great vision, first and foremost.
This is a sweet parody of just about any TV commercial.
All of them actually.
What makes it superb is its insight, its understanding
of product placement and the psychology of marketing.
It reveals, entertains, and informs, never losing track of
the cynicism involved in the average ad campaign.
Jon’s also a pretty good singer and songwriter.
And he has a sublime sense of humor…

True Facts: The Ostrich

Ze Frank with a great breakdown as to what be an ostrich.
Besides having the greatest running speed of any bird it has
the largest eyeballs of all land animals and an uncanny
knack for picking winning Megabucks numbers.
They are currently forbidden by the Australian government
from purchasing lottery tickets of any kind.
They supply most of the worlds bowling balls and are
considered by some to be great kissers.
You learn a lot from Mr. Frank…

Dealing with Snakes

Andy Woodhull is one of my favorite stand-up
comedians on the circuit.
I have not yet seen him live but I hope to.
He has a low level snark that suits him well.
Not crazy about birds, runs like hell from snakes.
The boy has issues.
All stand-up comedians have issues.
The good ones show you…