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Customer Service

David Crowe is a really talented stand-up comedian.
I love to play him on the show, he has what it takes.
Low on snark but his incredulity makes up for it.
Smart as well, highly educated and his performances
are better for it.
He happily skewers CS for our enjoyment…

Comedy 101 Radio 2.27.20

Lots to offer this week.
Food block…Tommy Ryman starts with
spoofing his poor wife on border crime.
Life in prison, doing hard time for a snack chip.
Sounds reasonable.
A very loose cover of a Percy French classic by
The Shower Room Squad.
An environmental block…old people getting some
much deserved criticism on this one.
That’s what they get for hogging the air.
Crime block…from different perspectives.
And a “You’ll never be right no matter what you do!”
block that shines the light on the human condition.
Lewis Black unloads like only he can.
A dark one from TWKUK.
Greg Giraldo kicks buttock.
Daniel Tosh still the best.
Onward and upwards…

What’s in My Hotdog?- Steve Goodie
The XR-2000 Hair Replacement System- The Vestibules
Love About Men- Rita Rudner (s-up)
Abdul the Bulbul Emir- The Shower Room Squad
Braindusters- Proctor and Bergman
International Snack Smuggler- Tommy Ryman (s-up)
Junk Food Junkie- Larry Groce
Fido Meal- Stevens and Grdnic
Jaws 4- Richard Jeni (s-up)
Head Wedgie- Riley Armstrong
Shimmer- The Not Ready for Prime Time Players
Tennis Gift Certificate- Mitch Hedberg (s-up)
It’s the Liquor- Kip Addotta
Expand Your Vocabulary- Synaptic Anarchy Playhouse
The Magic Ring- Michael Loftus (s-up)
Peter the Meter Reader- Meri Wilson
Cotton Swabs- The Congress of Wonders
Smokers- Clinton Jackson (s-up)
Wife Naggin’ – Cledus T. Judd
Words that Rhyme- Baldbox
Old People Cause Global Warming- Chad Daniels (s-up)
Green- The Pheromones
Post Nuclear Fairy Tale- Local Anxiety
Old Murders- John Mulaney (s-up)
Do Just What I Say- Mike Phirman
Al’s Suspicious Cars- Laughing Hyena
Commercials- J Chris Newberg (s-up)
One Piece at a Time- Johnny Cash
Planet- Ken Nordine
Nope- Demetri Martin (s-up)
Wrong- Eugene Chadbourne
Dr. Loon’s Clinic- The Late Show
Skiing- Glen Foster (s-up)
Still Gonna Die- Old Dogs
Jellyfish- The Simpsons
Homeless- Greg Giraldo (s-up)
(I’ve no Wish to) Keep it Real- Mr. B the Gentleman Rhymer
Travel Agent- Monty Python
Biblical Weather- Lewis Black (s-up)
Living in a Coffee World- Tim Lovelace
Russian Roulette- The Whitest Kids U’ Know
Fictitious Disorder- Daniel Tosh (s-up)


A superb little slice from the 1974 Mel Brooks classic!
Blazing Saddles was iconic when it first came out,
nothing quite like it before or since.
Filled with scenes that, for various reasons, could
never be created today.
Written by Mel Brooks, with input from Richard Prior
and Gene Wilder, this flick has a cult following like no other.
Cleavon Little and Charles McGregor, as Bart and Charlie,
are in a bit of a bind, a little ingenuity and some deft
shovel work and all is fine once again.
That line at the end makes me laugh out loud every time…