Monthly Archives: April 2020

Randolph Got a Haircut

Kenny Young & the Eggplants with a song about
something that I cannot get anywhere at the
present time!
This pandemic with its social distancing is
taking its toll on my big fat head.
I’m two days away from shaving it all off!
A funny piece, I am jealous of Randolph..

The Birds and the Bees

Am absolute classic from the late, greats
Dan Rowan and Dick Martin.
Rowan and Martins Laugh-in was a real trend
setter for television when it first aired in 1968.
Way ahead of its time, and truly funny.
This is a piece that I love to play on the show
during the first signs of real Spring.
Ever so slightly dated but still a very humorous bit.
He had to move to Pittsburgh… 🙂

Using Your Thing for a Pencil

The Three Amigos was a really silly flick at times.
Having said that, it also had some hilarious moments.
This scene is a little of both.
El Guapo is a hoot, one of the best roles in the movie.
I learned three things from this piece.
One…Dusty is an idiot!
Two…The Banditos can’t shoot worth a damn!
Three…There are way too many chickens in Mexico!